How does Dell natively tier data to Wasabi for complete data protection with long-term cloud retention?

How does Dell natively tier data to Wasabi for complete data protection with long-term cloud retention?

Wasabi and Dell Join Forces for Affordable Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Renowned cloud storage provider Wasabi has forged a strategic alliance with tech giant Dell, offering customers innovative and cost-effective hybrid cloud solutions for data protection and long-term retention.

Dell’s Data Protection Appliances Embrace Wasabi

Dell’s PowerProtect Data Domain appliances now seamlessly integrate with Wasabi, empowering customers with a comprehensive data protection solution. Data is automatically tiered to Wasabi’s cloud storage, ensuring long-term retention without compromising the performance of on-premises storage.

Cloud-Based Backup and Disaster Recovery

With the rise of data, organizations require efficient and economical storage solutions. The Wasabi-Dell collaboration addresses this need by providing a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution. Data is securely stored in Wasabi’s cloud, ensuring accessibility and protection in the event of a disaster.

Affordable and Scalable Cloud Storage

Wasabi’s renowned cost-effectiveness makes cloud storage accessible to businesses of all sizes. Its pay-as-you-go model eliminates the unpredictable fees associated with traditional cloud storage providers. Wasabi’s scalable platform seamlessly adapts to organizations’ growing data needs.

NetWorker CloudBoost Integration

The Wasabi-Dell partnership extends to NetWorker CloudBoost, a data protection solution from Dell. Existing NetWorker customers can now leverage Wasabi’s cloud storage for long-term retention, enhancing their data protection strategy.

Collaborating for Data Growth Challenges

Dave McCarthy, a research vice president at IDC, highlights the significance of the collaboration. “Organizations face the challenge of managing exponential data growth,” he says. “The Wasabi-Dell partnership offers a comprehensive solution that is scalable and cost-efficient, empowering organizations to meet their data management needs.”

This partnership marks a major step forward in the data storage industry, providing organizations with greater flexibility, affordability, and security for their data protection and retention strategies.

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