How Do Pixel Watch Updates Work and What Frustrations Do Users Have with the Update Process?

How Do Pixel Watch Updates Work and What Frustrations Do Users Have with the Update Process?


Pixel Watch Updates: A Frustrating Process

Google’s Pixel Watch is a popular choice among Android users, offering a sleek design and excellent fitness features. However, one major gripe has emerged among users: the frustrating update process.

The Update Procedure

Pixel Watch updates are relatively straightforward. Users receive a notification when an update is available. To initiate the update, the watch needs to be placed on the charger, and the update is downloaded and installed while the watch remains on the charger.

Frustrations with the Process

One primary source of frustration is the requirement to keep the watch on the charger throughout the update. This is inconvenient, especially considering the watch’s fast charging capabilities. The updates also tend to take a long time to complete, leaving the watch unusable as a watch during that period.

Another frustration stems from the lack of meaningful updates. While Pixel Feature Drops occur every few months, they often fail to deliver significant new features or improvements. This leaves users feeling underwhelmed and questioning the value of the updates.

Comparison to Competitors

Competing smartwatches from Samsung and Apple allow for updates to be performed while the device is on the wrist, as long as a minimum battery level is maintained. This approach makes more sense, allowing users to continue using their watches while updates occur.

User Quotes

“It’s so annoying that I can’t use my watch while it’s updating,” said one user. “It takes forever, and I miss out on notifications and other essential features.”

“I’m a big fan of the Pixel Watch, but the update process is a major letdown,” said another user. “I don’t understand why Google can’t adopt a more user-friendly approach.”


While the Pixel Watch offers a great user experience overall, the update process remains a major source of frustration for many users. By allowing updates to be performed off the charger and delivering more meaningful updates, Google could significantly improve the overall user experience.


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