How Do Passkeys Work in Authentication with Multiple Devices?

How Do Passkeys Work in Authentication with Multiple Devices?

Passkeys: The Key to a More Secure and Passwordless Future

In the digital age, where online accounts and personal data are essential, the security of our login credentials is paramount. Traditional passwords have long been the norm, but they are often vulnerable to hacking and data breaches. That’s where passkeys come in, offering a more secure and convenient way to authenticate across multiple devices.

What Are Passkeys?

Passkeys are unique digital keys generated by your device and stored locally. They replace traditional passwords, allowing you to log in using biometric authentication methods like Face ID or fingerprint scanners on your iPhone or Android device, or with Windows Hello on PCs.

How Passkeys Work

When you create a passkey for a website or service, two keys are generated. One is stored by the service, while the private key is kept on your device. When you need to log in, the service requests the private key, which is then verified using your device’s biometric authentication.

Benefits of Passkeys

  • Increased Security: Passkeys eliminate the risk of password theft or hacking, as they are not stored online.
  • Convenience: No more remembering complex passwords. Simply use your trusted biometric method to log in.
  • Cross-Device Compatibility: Passkeys work seamlessly across multiple devices, ensuring secure logins regardless of the device you’re using.
  • Offline Logins: Unlike passwords, passkeys can be used even when you’re not connected to the internet.

How to Use Passkeys

To use passkeys, you’ll need a device that supports the technology, such as an iPhone with iOS 16 or later, an Android phone with Android 9 or later, or a PC with Windows 11. When signing into a supported service, you’ll be prompted to create a passkey or use an existing one.

Limitations of Passkeys

While passkeys offer significant advantages, they do have some limitations. For instance, if your device is stolen or lost, you may need to go through a recovery process to access your passkeys. Additionally, some services may not yet support passkeys, requiring you to use traditional passwords for those accounts.


Passkeys represent a major step forward in authentication technology, providing increased security, convenience, and cross-device compatibility. As more websites and services adopt passkeys, the future of authentication looks brighter and more secure for all users.

Note: WhatsApp is among the latest apps to announce support for passkeys on iOS. As of April 2024, the feature is still rolling out to users and is expected to be available to all in the coming weeks.

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