How can Ford reduce recalls and associated costs?

By Deepika Jun 26, 2024 #Ford #quality checks #recalls
How can Ford reduce recalls and associated costs?

Ford’s Bold Move: Delaying Vehicle Deliveries to Slash Recalls

Imagine walking into a store, only to find your favorite dish has been pulled off the menu. Ford is doing just that with its latest vehicles, delaying deliveries to enhance quality and avoid costly recalls.

The Recall Epidemic

Recalls are becoming more common, especially with all the new technology automakers are adding to their cars. Ford has been the most recalled automaker since 2020, costing the company a whopping $4.8 billion last year. That’s a hefty bill that Ford is determined to reduce.

Ford’s ‘Build-and-Hold’ Strategy

To tackle this issue, Ford is taking a bold step: delaying deliveries of new and redesigned vehicles by up to six weeks. During this time, engineers will conduct additional quality checks at the factory, ensuring that vehicles are issue-free before they reach dealerships.

The Impact on Ford

This move will undoubtedly affect Ford’s bottom line in the short term. However, the company believes it’s a worthwhile investment in the long run. By reducing recalls, Ford aims to save money on warranty repairs and regain consumer confidence.

Ford’s Experience with the F-150

Ford has already tested its ‘build-and-hold’ strategy with the F-150 pickup truck. Despite a 65% decline in earnings, Ford avoided 12 recalls. This gives the company confidence that the strategy can deliver results.

The Benefits for Consumers

Ultimately, this initiative is a win-win for everyone. Ford saves money, dealers avoid dealing with frustrated customers, and buyers get to enjoy reliable vehicles with fewer headaches.

The Road Ahead

Ford’s ‘build-and-hold’ strategy is a bold move that could reshape the automotive industry. By prioritizing quality over immediate profits, Ford is sending a clear message to consumers that it’s committed to providing safe and reliable vehicles.

How Will Ford’s Strategy Reduce Recall Costs?

Reduced Warranty Claims

By identifying and fixing potential issues before vehicles reach showrooms, Ford can significantly reduce the number of warranty claims it receives, saving the company millions of dollars in repair costs.

Enhanced Quality

The additional quality checks will improve the overall quality of Ford’s vehicles, making them less prone to defects that could lead to recalls.

Improved Reputation

Fewer recalls will improve Ford’s reputation for reliability and quality. This will lead to increased customer loyalty and a competitive advantage.


Ford’s ‘build-and-hold’ strategy is a bold but necessary step to address the issue of recalls. By prioritizing quality over immediate profits, Ford is demonstrating its commitment to providing consumers with safe and reliable vehicles. The long-term savings and improved reputation will far outweigh the short-term financial impact.

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