Forza Motorsport Update 10: New Cars Aero Wings and Replay UI Changes Coming Soon

Forza Motorsport Update 10 Kicks Off in Two Waves with Exciting New Features

The racing enthusiasts have something to rev their engines over as Forza Motorsport’s much-anticipated Update 10 is finally rolling out—but in two distinct parts. Turn 10 Studios, the game’s developer, is keen to offer players new content and enhancements, even though the update timeline deviates from the traditional release format.

What to Expect in the First Phase

The initial phase of Update 10 will be available from July 10, 2024. This part of the update brings a host of new features and minor improvements, focusing primarily on new car and event content. Here’s a breakdown of what players can look forward to:

  • New Car and Event Content: One of the biggest allures of this update is the addition of a new car, along with engaging event content designed to refresh the game experience.
  • Track Improvements: Slight modifications to the Hockenheim and Catalunya tracks aim to deliver an improved racing experience.
  • Aero Wings: Players can now customize their cars further with added aero wings from Big Country Labs, enhancing the visual and aerodynamic appeal of their vehicles. A specific set of 18 cars will feature this new customization option, with details to be shared in the accompanying blog post.
  • Replay UI Changes: Adjustments to the Replay User Interface are also bundled in, streamlining the way players review their race performances.

When to Expect the Second Phase

While the second phase of Update 10 does not have a confirmed release date, Turn 10 Studios promises to announce it “as soon as details are available.” This phase will encompass the remaining features and fixes, building upon the content introduced in the first wave. The anticipation builds, but the developers are confident the second installment will enhance the overall gaming experience even further.

To keep the community informed, the team has prepped an Update 10 Overview video, scheduled for release at 9 AM PT on the official Forza website. This video will focus solely on the event content included in the first phase, while a detailed blog post along with patch notes will outline what players can expect in the second update.

Insights from the Developers

Turn 10 Studios has hinted that this staggered release approach is due to ongoing work with some of the content. While it’s not explicitly clear why a split update was necessary, the decision underscores their commitment to delivering polished and thoroughly tested features.

“Thanks for your understanding,” the team said, acknowledging the fans’ support and patience. The developers are keen to ensure each new addition enriches the game without compromising quality.

Looking Back and Forward

Forza Motorsport has seen significant evolution with its regular updates. In March 2024, the developers revamped car progression systems, responding to player feedback and fine-tuning the gaming experience. These updates have continuously pushed the boundaries, making each racing session more thrilling and personalized.

Moreover, it’s not just Forza Motorsport that’s under the spotlight. Forza Horizon 5 is also gearing up for a new content update, proving Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games’ dedication to racing aficionados remains unwavering. From fresh cars to various fixes, the allure of new content is driving players’ excitement through the roof.

Ways to Play

Forza Motorsport is readily accessible on various platforms. Whether you’re playing on PC via the Microsoft Store or Steam, or on Xbox Series X|S consoles, the gaming experience remains top-tier. Notably, the game is also available for streaming on Xbox Cloud Streaming, now compatible with Amazon’s Fire TV sticks, making it easier for players to jump into the action. As a first-party Microsoft title, Forza Motorsport is included in the Xbox and PC Game Pass catalogs, offering excellent value to subscribers.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

As we navigate through Update 10, excitement builds around what Turn 10 Studios has in store. Players are encouraged to keep an eye on the official Forza channels for the latest news and detailed blog posts accompanying these updates. For those still hitting the virtual tracks, there’s plenty more to look forward to.

Are you as excited as we are for the upcoming changes in Forza Motorsport? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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