Exploring the Evolution of Google Apps: A Journey Through Nostalgic Screenshots

Exploring the Evolution of Google Apps

The Oldest Google App Screenshots on the Play Store: A Nostalgic Journey

Step back in time as we explore the oldest Google app screenshots still available on the Play Store, offering a glimpse into the evolution of these essential tools.

A Trip to 2018 with YouTube Music

YouTube Music transports us back to its 2018 relaunch, featuring three-button navigation and a Pixel 2. Despite the passage of time, YTM retains its core functionality and design principles.

Pre-Material You with Google Voice

Google Voice takes us back to the days of two-button navigation and a pre-Material You interface using a Pixel 5. This screenshot captures the app’s transition before adopting Google’s modern design language.

Google Messages: A Time Capsule

Google Messages showcases a different era, void of the 2023 homescreen and the recent text box redesign. This screenshot is a snapshot in time, preserving the app’s earlier appearance.

A Blast from the Past with Carrier Services

Carrier Services embarks us on a further journey back in time, displaying an interface from a bygone era. Its outdated design transports us to the past, highlighting how apps have evolved.

Phone by Google: A Material Theme Recollection

Phone by Google, once known as Google Phone, showcases its Material Theme-era bottom bar and the old call screen. This screenshot evokes nostalgia for users who miss the discontinued design.

Drive: A Modern Exception

While most Google Workspace apps feature modern screenshots, Google Drive stands out with outdated images. Its interface remains rooted in the past, offering a reminder of how our apps have progressed.

Memories with Google Maps

Google Maps takes us on a nostalgic ride, displaying outdated screenshots. In anticipation of significant redesigns, this app offers a glimpse of its past evolution. The Nexus 10 also makes a cameo appearance.

A Farewell to Android Auto and Other Legacy Apps

Android Auto continues to show the phone’s screen experience, reflecting its discontinued status. The screenshots also include Google Allo, Hangouts, and Play Music, apps that are now part of our digital history.

Speech Recognition: A Walk Down Android Lane

Speech Recognition & Synthesis, dating back to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, proves that even core Google apps undergo transformations. Its outdated interface transports us to the past versions of the Android ecosystem.

Keeping Pace with the Times: Pixel Apps

Google Contacts and Pixel Recorder stand out as apps that keep abreast of time. Their screenshots reflect even minor updates, such as the navigation drawer removal and the addition of the Organize tab. This demonstrates Google’s commitment to refining its apps over time.

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