Exclusive watchOS 11 Features: Tap to Cash and Ultra Wideband Home Keys Unveiled for Apple Watch Users

By Deepika Jul 4, 2024 #smartwatch #watchOS 11
Exclusive watchOS 11 Features

Exclusive watchOS 11 features: Not for all Apple Watch models**

Apple Watch users eagerly await the release of watchOS 11, the latest software upgrade for their beloved smartwatches. However, not all Watch models will receive the full suite of features offered by this update. Here’s a breakdown of the exclusive features available only on select Apple Watch models:

Supported Apple Watch Models

watchOS 11 is compatible with the following Apple Watch models:

  • Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)

However, it’s important to note that not all features will be available on all devices within this model range.

Exclusive Features

Two key features in watchOS 11 are exclusive to certain Apple Watch models:

Tap to Cash

This convenient payment feature allows you to tap your Apple Watch on another person’s iPhone or Apple Watch to transfer money using Apple Cash. It offers a secure and contactless alternative to other payment services. However, only select Apple Watch models will support Tap to Cash, excluding the Apple Watch Series 6.

Ultra Wideband Home Keys

This innovative feature transforms your Apple Watch into a key for your smart lock. It utilizes Ultra Wideband technology to detect your proximity with extreme precision. As you approach your home, your smart lock will automatically lock or unlock without the need for manual interaction. However, this feature is only available on Apple Watch models with Ultra Wideband support, which excludes the Apple Watch SE.


While watchOS 11 brings exciting new features to Apple Watch users, it’s essential to note that availability can vary depending on your device model. If you’re eager to experience Tap to Cash or Ultra Wideband Home Keys, be sure to check your Watch’s compatibility before downloading the update.

Stay tuned for more updates on watchOS 11 and its wide range of features.

By Deepika

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