Ex-OpenAI Co-Founder Launches Safe Superintelligence Inc. to Develop Safe and Ethical Superintelligent AI

Ex-OpenAI Co-Founder Launches Safe Superintelligence Inc. to Develop Safe and Ethical Superintelligent AI

Ex-OpenAI Co-Founder Sets Sights on Superintelligent AI with New Venture

Safe Superintelligence Inc. Embarks on Safe AI Journey

Palo Alto, California – A month after departing from OpenAI, co-founder and former chief scientist Ilya Sutskever has unveiled Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI), a new company dedicated to developing safe and ethical superintelligent AI systems.

Mission: Superintelligence for Good

SSI’s sole focus is to build a “safe superintelligence,” a system with cognitive abilities surpassing those of humans. Sutskever emphasizes the profound importance of AI safety, a concept often overlooked in the race for technological advancement.

Avoiding Distractions, Prioritizing Safety

To ensure unwavering attention to safety, SSI will operate with a lean team, focusing solely on its mission. The company will avoid common industry distractions like management overhead and product cycles. Its business model is designed to shield safety efforts from short-term commercial pressures.

Team of Experts, Global Presence

SSI’s headquarters are based in Palo Alto, California, with a branch in Tel Aviv, Israel. This strategic positioning allows the company to tap into renowned tech hubs and recruit top-tier engineers and researchers.

Co-Founders Share Vision

Sutskever is joined by Daniel Gross, a former AI leader at Apple, and Daniel Levy, an ex-OpenAI researcher. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and share a commitment to responsible AI development.

Departure from OpenAI

Sutskever’s departure from OpenAI followed internal disagreements over AI safety approaches. He expressed regret over the subsequent controversy but remains adamant about the urgency of addressing AI safety concerns.

OpenAI’s Safety Committee

In response to Sutskever’s exit, OpenAI formed a safety and security committee, primarily composed of internal members. However, the extent to which this committee can address concerns remains to be seen.

SSI’s Approach: Safety and Innovation

SSI’s mission distinguishes it from other AI companies. By focusing exclusively on safety, it aims to advance AI capabilities while simultaneously ensuring that safety measures are always a priority. The company believes this approach will allow for safe and ethical AI development without compromising innovation.

Recruitment and Funding

SSI is actively recruiting world-class engineers and researchers. The company is expected to attract significant investment given Sutskever’s reputation and the importance of its mission. Daniel Gross expressed confidence in SSI’s ability to secure funding.

The Road Ahead

As the AI landscape continues to evolve, eyes will be on Safe Superintelligence Inc. to see if its focused approach can deliver on the promise of truly safe and beneficial superintelligent systems.

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