CMF Watch Pro 2 Set to Launch with Customizable Bezels: Redefining Smartwatch Personalization

CMF Watch Pro 2 Set to Launch with Customizable Bezels

CMF Watch Pro 2 Set to Launch with Customizable Bezels: A Fresh Take on Wearable Design

CMF, known for its innovative and stylish technology, is set to release its latest product, the CMF Watch Pro 2, on July 8th. In a move that aligns with the company’s tradition of offering customizability, the new smartwatch will feature interchangeable bezels. This addition aims to give users a personalized touch similar to that of their other devices, such as the CMF Phone 1, which also allows for design customizations.

Interchangeable Bezels: A Touch of Personal Flair

In an official teaser shared on, CMF’s brand ambassador Rashmika Mandanna demonstrates how easy it is to swap the bezels on the Watch Pro 2. The technology behind this bezel swap remains under wraps, but it hints at a simplified mechanism compared to traditional methods like screwing.

The teaser shows the watch with an orange-colored band, while a recent leak also displayed a black/grey variant. The body of the watch appears to be made of polycarbonate and differs in texture—shiny in one image and matte in another. These visuals suggest that the watch will come in multiple finishes and color options, thereby allowing users to match their watch with their style and preferences.

The bezels themselves also show variability. While one image featured a rounded bezel, another appeared boxy. This hints that users will have more than just color choices; they may also select different shapes and designs to suit their aesthetic needs.

Interface and Usability: Designed for Daily Needs

Beyond aesthetic customization, CMF Watch Pro 2 also offers an intuitive interface that adapts to your daily routine. The teaser images reveal a circular dial and a top-right crown, but what’s really captivating are the watch faces. Each watch face is unique and aligns with CMF’s distinct design language, offering functionality that caters to various user needs.

The company’s recent posts showcased several watch faces, all distinct yet unified in design. These faces are highly customizable, ensuring users can display the information that matters most to them, whether it’s fitness data, notifications, or other smart features.

Stay Tuned: Launch Event on July 8

The CMF Watch Pro 2 is set to launch in India on July 8th, along with two other products: the CMF Buds Pro 2 and the CMF Phone 1. This trio is designed to offer a cohesive experience for users looking for style and functionality.

We anticipate more details about these products as the launch date approaches. Stay tuned to see how CMF continues to blend innovation with user-friendly design, opening up new ways for you to make your personal devices truly your own.

CMF has a history of pushing the boundaries when it comes to design, and the Watch Pro 2 seems to be no exception. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or someone who appreciates well-thought-out design, this new watch is something to look forward to.

Mark your calendar for July 8th and get ready for an exciting new way to express your personal style with the CMF Watch Pro 2.

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