CMF Phone 1 Accessories: Fun and Functional Modular Customization

CMF Phone 1 Accessories

CMF Phone 1 Accessories: Fun and Functionality at Budget Prices

CMF Phone 1 Accessories: Fun and Functionality at Budget Prices

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly smartphone that brings a blend of style and versatility, the CMF Phone 1 by Nothing’s sub-brand, CMF, might just catch your interest. More than just a phone, the CMF Phone 1 offers a unique modular approach to customization, allowing users to switch up their device with ease. Pair this with a range of cleverly designed accessories, and you have a playful yet functional gadget that stands out in the crowded phone market.

What Are the Accessories Available for CMF Phone 1?

The CMF Phone 1’s unique approach extends to its accessories, providing several playful yet practical add-ons to enhance your phone experience. Here are the main accessories available:

  • Lanyard: Ideal for those who want to keep their phone accessible and secure, this thick, woven fabric lanyard ensures you can comfortably wear your phone around your neck. It’s sturdy and comes in a vibrant orange color.
  • Wallet: This two-piece accessory includes a slim plastic panel with an embedded magnet and an attachable wallet. The magnet allows you to stick the wallet to the back of your phone, making it easy to carry cards and cash with you. This accessory, too, sports an eye-catching orange hue.
  • Kickstand: Perfect for hands-free viewing, the kickstand can be attached to the phone to provide a stable base for watching videos or attending video calls. However, when not in use, it does protrude slightly from the phone’s back.

How Do They Attach to the Phone?

The CMF Phone 1 features a modular design that makes it incredibly easy to swap out parts and add accessories. Here’s how you can attach and use the various accessories:

  • Back Panels: The phone’s back panel can be unscrewed using a small screwdriver that comes with each panel. The screws are quite tiny, so it requires some patience and care. Replacement panels come in several colors including black, orange, light green, and blue. While the removal process might feel a bit cumbersome, it allows users to customize their phone’s appearance down to its very core.
  • Accessory Point: The bottom corner of the phone features a round accessory port cover that resembles the control dial on CMF’s neckband earbuds. By unscrewing this cover, users can attach the lanyard, wallet, or kickstand. This modular point acts as the primary attachment mechanism for the accessories, making it easy to switch between them as needed.
  • Magnetic Attachments: The wallet accessory uses a magnetic ring to attach to the phone. Interestingly, this means that the phone can also stick to other magnetic surfaces or mounts, although it does not support wireless charging. The magnetic add-on is especially handy for quickly attaching and detaching wallet components.

CMF Phone 1 without back panel

The accessories, priced at $25 or $35 each, are budget-friendly and add a layer of functionality that is often missing in phones at this price point. The modular approach also means that should any of the accessories wear out, they can be easily replaced without the need to buy an entirely new phone.

Final Thoughts

CMF Phone 1 by Nothing truly stands out with its clever design and practical accessories. Whether you’re someone who likes to modify their gadgets frequently or just need a few extra functionalities, the CMF Phone 1 offers a playful and budget-friendly option. It may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive phones, like NFC or wide carrier support in the US, but for $199, it provides a refreshing blend of style and usability.

Accessorizing your phone has never been this fun and easy. Whether it’s the colorful back panels or the functional lanyard, wallet, and kickstand, these add-ons prove that even budget devices can offer a unique and enjoyable user experience.

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