Bajaj Freedom 125: Unveiling Revolutionary Weight Distribution for Enhanced Performance

Bajaj Freedom 125

Bajaj Freedom 125: Revolutionizing Weight Distribution with Optimal CNG Placement

Optimizing Weight Distribution for Enhanced Performance

The Bajaj Freedom 125, the world’s first CNG motorcycle, stands apart not only for its innovative fuel choice but also for its meticulous weight distribution. Engineers at Bajaj Auto have ingeniously positioned the 2kg CNG tank in the central area of the bike to optimize weight balance and enhance overall performance.

Central Tank Location for Improved Handling

By placing the CNG tank in the central area, Bajaj has ensured that the Freedom 125 handles exceptionally well, even on challenging roads. The weight distribution is evenly distributed, minimizing any imbalance that could affect handling or stability. This configuration allows for responsive steering, precise cornering, and a smooth ride even with a fully loaded tank.

Balanced Fuel Arrangement for Versatility

Balancing the CNG and petrol tanks was another crucial design consideration. The 2-litre petrol tank is strategically placed above and forward of the CNG tank, providing a seamless transition between the two fuels. This arrangement allows riders to toggle between CNG and petrol with ease, ensuring uninterrupted journeys even when one fuel source runs low.

Uncompromised Range for Extended Rides

The Freedom 125’s clever weight distribution contributes to its impressive range of approximately 330km. The combination of the CNG and petrol tanks provides a significant fuel capacity, empowering riders to embark on extended journeys with confidence. Whether commuting to work or embarking on weekend getaways, the Freedom 125 ensures peace of mind with its ample range.

Innovation and Engineering Prowess

The Bajaj Freedom 125 is a testament to Bajaj Auto’s unwavering commitment to innovation and engineering excellence. The bike’s optimized weight distribution is a key factor in its exceptional performance, handling, and range. By balancing the weight of the CNG and petrol tanks, the engineers have achieved a masterpiece of design that sets the Freedom 125 apart in the two-wheeler industry.


The Bajaj Freedom 125 revolutionizes weight distribution in motorcycle design. The central placement of the CNG tank and the strategic arrangement of the petrol tank create an optimal balance, enhancing handling, stability, and range. This clever engineering solution underscores the Freedom 125’s status as a groundbreaking motorcycle that sets a new standard for innovation and performance in the world of two-wheelers.

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