Apples Upcoming Health Features in Apple Watch Series 10: Challenges and Innovations

Apple's Upcoming Health Features in Apple Watch Series 10

Apple Tackles New Challenges with Health Features in Apple Watch Series 10

Apple is widely recognized for introducing cutting-edge technology in its product lines, and the latest rumors suggest the Apple Watch Series 10 will continue this trend. However, the tech giant is hitting a few bumps in the road, particularly with new health-related features. Let’s break down how Apple plans to address these challenges while still delivering an impressive upgrade to its popular smartwatch.

Bigger Screen, Thinner Design

One of the most anticipated changes in the Apple Watch Series 10 is its screen. Reports indicate that the new watch will feature a larger, two-inch display, slightly bigger than the 1.93-inch screen found on the Apple Watch Ultra. While fans might expect a bulkier device, Apple is reportedly planning to make the Series 10 even thinner. This new design is likely to be a crowd-pleaser, maintaining the aesthetic appeal Apple users love.

Apple watchers (pun intended) might remember the chatter about magnetic watch strap attachments. Luckily, it looks like the new straps will remain compatible with older models. This feature allows users to continue using their favorite bands, a small but significant win for both the environment and your wallet.

Several leaks, including some CAD renders, have sparked excitement around these aesthetic upgrades

The Battle with Health Sensors

Incorporating new health features has become a hallmark for Apple Watches. Still, the development of reliable blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection features is proving to be a significant challenge. Apple has bumped into several technical roadblocks, particularly with blood pressure monitoring, where achieving reliability has been tough. The design itself might be impacting blood pressure readings, adding another layer of complexity.

Apple anticipated adding sleep apnea detection, which would work in conjunction with blood oxygen levels. However, an import ban on the blood oxygen sensor in the U.S. complicates this feature’s rollout. For now, sleep tracking apps integrated with Apple Watch can provide some insights into sleep health, albeit not as thoroughly as a dedicated sleep apnea monitor.

What’s in Store for the Budget Models?

In a move that could capture more budget-conscious consumers, Apple is also working on a new Apple Watch SE. This model might feature a plastic case instead of the usual aluminum, aiming to bring costs down similar to Samsung’s $199 Galaxy Watch FE. Currently, the Apple Watch SE starts at $249, so a price reduction could make a significant impact in the competitive smartwatch market.

Performance Upgrades

Another exciting aspect of the Series 10 is its anticipated performance enhancements. Both the Apple Watch Series 10 and the Watch Ultra 3 are expected to get a new, more powerful chip. While Apple has yet to integrate full Artificial Intelligence capabilities into the Apple Watch, these performance boosts lay the groundwork for future advancements.

Brand Anniversary

Interestingly, there has been speculation around a significant rebranding, potentially dubbed the “Apple Watch X,” to mark the watch’s 10th anniversary. Apple enthusiasts are eager to see if this will debut as part of the Series 10 or if it will be saved for a future anniversary release, possibly in 2025.


Apple’s journey to perfect new health features may have hit a few stumbling blocks, but the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 10 promises several compelling upgrades. From a larger and thinner design to a more powerful chip, Apple is striving to keep its smartwatch at the forefront of technology. Even if some advanced health features aren’t ready for this year’s release, Apple’s commitment to innovation ensures that exciting things are on the horizon.

We can expect the new Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 to hit the shelves in September, likely coinciding with the launch of the iPhone 16. Whether you are a long-time Apple fan or considering your first smartwatch, 2023 promises to be a fascinating year for wearable technology.

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