6 Classic Games Perfect for a Nintendo Switch Port – Are You Ready for the Nostalgia?

By Divya Jun 30, 2024 #gaming
6 Classic Games Perfect for a Nintendo Switch Port - Are You Ready for the Nostalgia?

What Classic Game Would Be Perfect for a Nintendo Switch Port?


The Nintendo Switch has been a gaming phenomenon since its launch in 2017, with over 140 million consoles sold worldwide. This success has led to a steady stream of game ports from other platforms, spanning both classic and contemporary titles. As we approach the rumored announcement of a Switch successor, it’s time to revisit the games that would be perfect for a Nintendo Switch port.

Top Contenders for a Switch Port

1. Chrono Trigger

This timeless RPG has never graced a Nintendo console since its original release in 1995. Its beloved characters, engaging story, and enduring soundtrack would make it a perfect fit for the Switch’s portability.

2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

One of the most acclaimed Metroidvania games ever made, Symphony of the Night has been absent from Nintendo hardware for years. Its atmospheric setting, intricate gameplay, and memorable characters would be a delight to experience on the go.

3. Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

This Wii classic, which utilized the DK Bongos controllers, would be a novel addition to the Switch’s library. Its unique rhythm-based gameplay and vibrant visuals would provide a distinctive experience for players.

4. Fallout 3

The post-apocalyptic RPG from Bethesda Game Studios has a massive fan base. A Switch port of Fallout 3, New Vegas, or Fallout 4 would bring the franchise’s immersive world-building and gripping storylines to a new audience.

5. Alan Wake Remastered

Remedy Entertainment’s psychological thriller was a critical success on its release. The remastered version features enhanced visuals, making it an ideal candidate for a Switch port. The game’s eerie atmosphere and engaging narrative would be well-suited to the Switch’s portability.

6. Excitebots

This Wii racing game, which never saw a European release, would be a welcome addition to the Switch’s library. Its exhilarating races, motion controls, and stunning graphics would make it a standout on the hybrid console.

Why These Games Would Shine on Switch

Portability and Accessibility: The Switch’s portability allows gamers to take their favorites wherever they go, making these classic games accessible to a wider audience.

Modularity: The Switch’s modular design allows for unique gameplay experiences. The DK Bongos would be a welcome addition to the console’s peripheral lineup, enhancing the immersion of Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat.

Motion Controls: Excitebots and El Paso, Elsewhere would benefit immensely from the Switch’s motion control capabilities, adding an extra layer of engagement and immersion to their gameplay.


These classic games would not only enhance the Switch’s library but also provide a diverse range of experiences that cater to different tastes. As we eagerly await the announcement of the next Nintendo console, let’s hope that these beloved titles find their way to the Switch, giving fans and newcomers alike the opportunity to rediscover their timeless charm.

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