Why is Ashika Island being removed from Call of Duty Warzone and what improvements does the community suggest for its return?

**Ashika Island Removed from Call of Duty Warzone: Here’s Why and Community Feedback**

Raven Software, the developer behind Call of Duty: Warzone, has announced that Ashika Island, one of the battle royale’s Resurgence maps, will be removed from the game on May 23, 2024.

**Why is Ashika Island Being Removed?**

Raven Software has stated that the decision to remove Ashika Island is part of their “continued effort to provide players with a recurring, focused playlist that delivers on the best player experience.” They explained that they are “directing our focus towards other map-mode combinations for upcoming playlist updates.”

**Community Feedback**

The removal of Ashika Island has sparked mixed reactions from the Warzone community.

  • Disappointment:** Some players have expressed disappointment with the decision, arguing that Ashika Island should have been improved rather than removed.
  • Understanding:** Others understand Raven Software’s reasoning and believe that the removal will allow them to focus on creating a more cohesive playlist.
  • Suggestions:** The community has also put forward suggestions for improving Ashika Island if it were to be reintroduced in the future. These suggestions include:
  • Lighting Improvements:** Many players have pointed out that Ashika Island’s gloomy lighting can make it difficult to see enemies.
  • Vegetation Adjustments:** Some players have suggested adjusting the vegetation on the map to improve visibility.
  • POI Changes:** Others have proposed altering certain points of interest (POIs) on the map to make them more balanced.


Ashika Island’s removal from Call of Duty: Warzone is a significant change that will affect the game’s Resurgence playlist. While some players are disappointed, others understand the reasoning behind the decision. The community’s feedback suggests that the map could be improved in future iterations, leaving open the possibility of its return in an enhanced form.

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