Why is Ahmed Shehzad bitter towards Babar Azam and current team members? Find out the reasons behind Ahmed Shehzads grievances with Babar Azam and the current team.

Why is Ahmed Shehzad bitter towards Babar Azam and current team members? Find out the reasons behind Ahmed Shehzad's grievances with Babar Azam and the current team.

Ahmed Shehzad’s Mounting Grievances Towards Babar Azam and Current Teammates: A Deep Dive

Former Pakistani cricketer Ahmed Shehzad has been making headlines with his vocal criticisms of current captain Babar Azam and other members of the national team. Shehzad’s resentment stems from a combination of perceived slights and a belief that the current leadership is misguided.

The All-Time XI Exclusion

One of the most public displays of Shehzad’s animosity was his recent unveiling of an all-time Pakistan XI that notably excluded any current players. This decision sent shockwaves through the Pakistani cricket community, as it effectively snubbed the current generation of stars. Shehzad explained his rationale by citing the superior skill and accomplishments of past players.

Accusations of Favoritism and Incompetence

Shehzad has repeatedly accused Babar Azam of favoritism and nepotism, alleging that he selects players based on personal connections rather than merit. He has also criticized Azam’s captaincy skills, claiming that he lacks the necessary tactical acumen and leadership qualities.

The T20 World Cup Fallout

The Pakistan team’s disappointing performance at the T20 World Cup 2024 served as a catalyst for Shehzad’s most scathing attacks. He blamed Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan for the team’s failure, alleging that they had prioritized personal records over team success. Shehzad’s comments received widespread attention and sparked a heated debate in Pakistan.

Legal Battle Rumors

Amidst the escalating tensions, rumors emerged that Babar Azam was considering legal action against Shehzad and other critics for defamation. Shehzad responded defiantly, stating that former players should instead file lawsuits against Azam for the team’s poor performance.

International Players’ Unease

Shehzad also claimed that international players are reluctant to play in the Pakistan Super League under Babar Azam’s leadership. He alleged that Azam creates excessive pressure on the batting line-up, which negatively impacts their performances.

The Absence of Respect and Empathy

Apart from specific criticisms, Shehzad has also expressed a general sense of disappointment with the current team’s lack of respect for the sentiments of fans. He has observed that players seem indifferent to the team’s poor results and have not shown any remorse.

Potential Reasons Behind the Bitter Feud

  • Personal Rivalry: Shehzad and Azam have had a history of tension on and off the field. They played together in age-group cricket, and their rivalry may have intensified as they progressed in their careers.
  • Exclusion from the Team: Shehzad has not played for Pakistan since 2019 and is unlikely to be considered for selection anytime soon. This exclusion may have fueled his resentment and desire to undermine the team’s success.
  • Unfulfilled Potential: Shehzad believes he should be a regular member of the national team based on his past performances. He may feel that he is being overlooked due to politics or unfair competition.
  • Changing Landscape of Pakistani Cricket: The Pakistani cricket team has undergone significant changes in recent years, with a younger generation of players emerging and challenging the established order. Shehzad may feel left behind or displaced by these developments.


Ahmed Shehzad’s ongoing feud with Babar Azam and the current Pakistani cricket team has become a major distraction from the sport itself. His bitter criticisms have exposed divisions within the team and raised questions about the leadership and direction of Pakistani cricket. While it remains unclear how this conflict will be resolved, it is evident that Shehzad’s grievances are rooted in a combination of personal frustrations and a genuine concern for the future of Pakistani cricket.

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