Which WWE Raw Title Change Event Featured a Match That Won PWI’s 1993 Match of the Year Award?

Which WWE Raw Title Change Event Featured a Match That Won PWI's 1993 Match of the Year Award?

WWE Raw Title Change Event Features PWI’s 1993 Match of the Year

A History-Making Night

In the annals of professional wrestling, few events hold a place as revered as the WWE Raw title change event that featured a match that would later be crowned PWI’s 1993 Match of the Year. On May 17, 1993, amidst the electrifying atmosphere of the newly launched Monday Night Raw, a legendary clash unfolded that cemented the show’s status as a must-watch spectacle.

The Rivalry of the Rockers

The rivalry between Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels, known as The Rockers, had captivated WWE fans for years. Their friendship turned sour in 1992, with Michaels orchestrating an attack that sent Jannetty crashing through a barbershop window. The bitter feud had been simmering ever since, and their title match on Raw promised to deliver a definitive resolution.

A Classic Encounter

The match between Jannetty and Michaels lived up to the hype and surpassed all expectations. It was a technical masterpiece, showcasing the raw athleticism and in-ring chemistry of both wrestlers. Each man pushed the other to their limits, executing breathtaking maneuvers and near falls that left the crowd on the edge of their seats.

  • Innovative high-flying moves from Michaels
  • Jannetty’s slick mat-wrestling and aerial artistry
  • Nail-biting reversals and false finishes

Jannetty’s Triumph

After an unforgettable 20-minute battle, Jannetty emerged victorious. He hit Michaels with his signature Rocker Dropper and pinned him clean, securing his first singles championship in WWE and sending the Raw crowd into a frenzy. The victory was a cathartic moment for Jannetty, who had faced numerous setbacks and personal struggles in the past.

The PWI Acclaim

The match received widespread critical acclaim, with Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) later awarding it the prestigious Match of the Year award for 1993. PWI’s esteemed editor, Dave Meltzer, praised the bout for its storytelling, athleticism, and high-stakes drama, citing it as a “modern masterpiece.”

A Lasting Legacy

Thirty years later, the WWE Raw title change event that featured the PWI Match of the Year remains a cherished memory for wrestling fans. It showcased the immense talent and creativity that wrestling could offer and solidified Raw’s position as a platform for groundbreaking moments. The legacy of that classic clash continues to inspire and entertain wrestling fans to this day.

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