What is the purpose of the NBL at NASAs Johnson Space Center and how is it utilized?

What is the purpose of the NBL at NASA's Johnson Space Center and how is it utilized?

The NBL: NASA’s Underwater Training Facility for Space Exploration

Prepare to be amazed as we dive into the depths of the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, a state-of-the-art facility that plays a pivotal role in preparing astronauts for their extraordinary missions in the vast expanse of space.

What is the NBL?

Imagine a gigantic underwater playground designed specifically for astronauts. The NBL is the world’s largest indoor pool, holding an astounding 6.2 million gallons of water, creating a weightless environment that mimics the conditions of space. With its depth of 40 feet, the NBL offers a vast space for astronauts to practice and perfect their skills without the constraints of Earth’s gravity.

How is the NBL Used?

The NBL is a training hub for astronauts who are preparing for missions aboard the International Space Station (ISS), lunar missions, and even future expeditions to Mars. The underwater environment allows astronauts to practice spacewalks, repairs, and other tasks essential for space exploration. Inside the NBL, astronauts can simulate zero gravity conditions, allowing them to move freely and experience the same challenges they will encounter in space.

Key Features of the NBL:

  • Replica of the ISS: The NBL houses a full-scale model of the ISS, allowing astronauts to train in a familiar environment and practice tasks specific to the space station.
  • Lunar Surface Simulation: Recently, NASA and V2X have transformed a portion of the NBL into a lifelike model of the moon’s surface, complete with craters and slopes. This unique feature enables astronauts to practice lunar exploration techniques.
  • Training for Recovery Operations: Astronauts use the NBL to prepare for the final and critical stage of their missions: returning to Earth. They practice exiting their spacecraft, floating to the water’s surface, and being rescued by recovery teams.

Importance of the NBL for Upcoming Missions:

The NBL is a critical component in preparing for the upcoming Artemis missions, which aim to return humans to the moon by 2025. The NBL will be used to train the first woman and first person of color to walk on the moon. The laboratory will also play a vital role in developing techniques for future human missions to Mars and beyond.


The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory is an extraordinary facility that pushes the boundaries of space exploration training. By providing a realistic and immersive environment, the NBL empowers astronauts with the skills and confidence they need to conquer the challenges of space. As we look ahead to the next era of space exploration, the NBL will continue to be a cornerstone of NASA’s mission to expand human presence in the cosmos.

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