What is the future plan for Drew Gulak according to NXT sources?

What is the future plan for Drew Gulak according to NXT sources?

Drew Gulak’s Future in NXT: What the Sources Say

Drew Gulak’s recent storyline departure from NXT has sparked speculation about his future in the brand. According to sources within NXT, Gulak’s hiatus from the ring may be extended or even permanent.

Gulak’s Absence from NXT

On this week’s episode of NXT, Gulak was written off the show when The Family claimed responsibility for attacking him. Sources indicate that this storyline was crafted to explain Gulak’s absence, which is expected to be prolonged.

Shawn Spears’ Production Role

In other NXT news, Shawn Spears made his production debut on last night’s show, overseeing both women’s matches alongside Johnny Moss. Spears’ transition into a production role is a departure from his previous on-screen appearances as a wrestler.

Show Details

The April 19th episode of NXT was internally dubbed “Friendship’s Last Breath.” The show featured numerous matches and segments, including a promo by Rhea Ripley and a main event match between Natalya and Xia Li.

Producer Assignments

Several other producers were assigned to matches on the show, including:

  • AJ Winkler (Riley Osborne vs. Kyle Dixon)
  • Norman Smiley (Karmen Petrovic vs. Wren Sinclair)
  • Wesley Blake (Hank Walker and Tank Ledger vs. Javier Bernal and Drake Morreaux)
  • Robbie Brookside (Jaida Parker vs. Carlee Bright)
  • Oney Lorcan (Noam Dar vs. Dijak)
  • Johnny Moss and Shawn Spears (Sol Ruca vs. Lola Vice)
  • Matt Bloom (Joaquin Wilde vs. Ridge Holland)

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