What is Rohit Sharma’s favorite ground other than Wankhede Stadium?

What is Rohit Sharma's favorite ground other than Wankhede Stadium?

Rohit Sharma’s Favorite Ground: Eden Gardens – A Place of Enchanting Memories

For the enigmatic Indian cricket captain, Rohit Sharma, the Eden Gardens in Kolkata holds a special place in his heart, a ground where he has etched his name in the annals of cricketing history with his extraordinary performances.

A Ground of Triumphs and Glory

Sharma has a remarkable record at the Eden Gardens, having played several memorable innings for both the Indian team and the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL). His ability to adapt to the conditions and thrive under pressure has made him one of the most successful batsmen at this iconic venue.

A Special Place for Rohit

In an interview, Rohit Sharma once expressed his fondness for the Eden Gardens, saying, “Eden Gardens is a special ground for me. I have always enjoyed playing here, and the crowd here is amazing.” His affection for the ground is evident in his performances, as he consistently raises his game when playing at the Eden Gardens.

A Place of Historic Innings

One of Rohit Sharma’s most memorable innings at the Eden Gardens came in 2019 during the World Cup semi-final against New Zealand. He scored a stunning century, helping India secure a place in the final. The innings showcased his class and composure under pressure, leaving an indelible mark on Indian cricket history.

A Ground of Camaraderie

Beyond his individual achievements, Rohit Sharma also cherishes the camaraderie he has built with his teammates at the Eden Gardens. The ground has witnessed some of the most iconic moments in Indian cricket, including the team’s victory in the 2011 World Cup. For Rohit, these moments are as special as his personal milestones.

A Ground of Expectations

As Rohit Sharma leads the Mumbai Indians in the upcoming IPL match against the Kolkata Knight Riders at the Eden Gardens, expectations will be high. Fans will be eager to see him recreate his past glories and guide his team to victory. With the crowd behind him, Rohit will look to cement his legacy as one of the greatest batsmen to ever grace the Eden Gardens.


The Eden Gardens holds a special place in Rohit Sharma’s heart, a ground where he has forged memories and etched his name in cricketing history. As he steps out onto the field once more, Rohit will carry the hopes of millions and the unwavering support of the Kolkata crowd. With the Eden Gardens as his stage, Rohit Sharma is sure to deliver another unforgettable performance.

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