What is Jey Uso’s Potential as a Singles Star according to Bully Ray?

What is Jey Uso's Potential as a Singles Star according to Bully Ray?

Jey Uso’s Potential as a Singles Star: Bully Ray Weighs In

Jey Uso has emerged as a breakout star in WWE since breaking away from The Bloodline, but can he truly stand on his own as a world championship contender? That’s the question many are asking, and Bully Ray has some thoughts.

A Narrow Path from Tag Team to Solo Stardom

According to Bully Ray, transitioning from a successful tag team to a top singles star is a rare feat in WWE history. “Very few have been able to [do it],” Ray said on “Busted Open Radio.” The list includes legends like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, JBL, and possibly Edge.

  • Shawn Michaels: The “Heartbreak Kid” achieved main event status after leaving The Rockers.
  • Bret Hart: The “Excellence of Execution” became a multiple-time world champion following his departure from The Hart Foundation.
  • JBL: The former “Wrestling God” found success as a singles competitor after being part of The Acolytes Protection Agency.
  • Edge: The Rated-R Superstar’s solo career arguably eclipsed his time as part of Rated-RKO.

Uso’s Momentum and WWE’s Plans

Bully Ray acknowledged that Jey Uso has been receiving a strong push from WWE. “The audience is really getting behind him,” Ray said. However, he questioned whether WWE fully believes in Uso’s potential as a world titleholder.

“I don’t know if [WWE] sees Jey Uso as [having] potential to be ‘The Guy’ or world heavyweight championship material,” Ray said. He speculated that WWE may limit Uso’s push because of the potential for a reunion with his brother Jimmy.

The Ultimate Test: King of the Ring

Jey Uso’s next major test will come in the King of the Ring tournament. If he can defeat GUNTHER to advance to the finals, it would be a significant step towards proving his worth as a singles star.

“This could be a defining moment for Jey Uso,” Ray said. “If he can beat GUNTHER, he’ll show the world that he can hang with the best. But if he falls short, it will raise questions about his ceiling as a singles competitor.”

Whether Jey Uso can ascend to the top of the WWE mountain remains to be seen. But if he can continue to impress audiences and defy expectations, he may just carve his own path in the annals of wrestling history.

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