What impact did the Big Rappel event have on the charity Outward Bound?

What impact did the Big Rappel event have on the charity Outward Bound?

The Big Rappel: Raising Millions for Outward Bound

New York, USA – In a groundbreaking event, the Empire State Building partnered with Outward Bound for the “Big Rappel,” a once-in-a-lifetime descent down the iconic building’s facade. This daring feat raised a staggering $3 million for the global education charity.

A Symbol of Resilience and Adventure

The Empire State Building, a renowned symbol of hope and resilience, provided the perfect setting for such a bold venture. The rappellers, including Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto, faced their fears and pushed themselves to achieve something extraordinary.

“The Empire State Building’s status as a symbol of strength and resilience reinforces its role as a platform for amplifying Outward Bound’s charitable mission,” said Tony Malkin, CEO of Empire State Realty Trust.

Outward Bound’s Transformative Mission

Outward Bound is an international organization that empowers young people through outdoor challenges and adventure-based learning. The money raised from the Big Rappel will support Outward Bound’s programs worldwide, providing life-changing experiences for countless youth.

“Outward Bound’s mission is to support young people in pushing through boundaries and achieving their full potential,” said Martin Davidson, CEO of The Outward Bound Trust UK. “The Big Rappel participants embody this spirit of adventure and resilience.”

A Star-Studded Kickoff

The Big Rappel was kicked off by Jared Leto, who bravely led the descent down nearly 900 feet of the building’s facade. This was not Leto’s first encounter with the iconic landmark, as he had famously climbed it just months before.

“As a trustee of Outward Bound, I am proud to support such an impactful organization,” said Leto. “This event truly embodies the spirit of pushing oneself to the limit and making a difference.”

A Royal Salute

In honor of Outward Bound’s work and the Big Rappel, the Empire State Building was illuminated in blue, pink, green, and white. The lighting ceremony was presided over by Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, Trustee of Outward Bound in the UK.

“Outward Bound’s focus on empowering young people is truly inspiring,” said Princess Beatrice. “This event is a testament to the transformative power of adventure and resilience.”

A Legacy of Success

The Big Rappel has left a lasting impact on Outward Bound, providing crucial funding for their programs while raising awareness of their mission. This event is a testament to the power of teamwork, adventure, and the support of the global community.

“We are deeply grateful for the support we received from the Big Rappel,” said an Outward Bound spokesperson. “The funds raised will enable us to continue our work in empowering young people around the world.”

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