What experience does Shakib consider crucial when playing against teams like Australia and India?

What experience does Shakib consider crucial when playing against teams like Australia and India?

Shakib Al Hasan’s Crucial Experience for Facing Teams Like Australia and India

Shakib Al Hasan, the veteran all-rounder, highlighted the significance of experience for Bangladesh while facing formidable opponents like Australia and India. In his perspective, this plays a crucial role in navigating the challenging matches against these cricketing powerhouses.

Understanding the Significance of Skills

According to Shakib, Bangladesh must possess the necessary skills and strengths to match the caliber of teams like Australia and India. He emphasized the importance of executing basics consistently to create pressure on the opposition, a key factor in determining the outcome of such matches.

Batting Performance Analysis

Reflecting on Bangladesh’s batting performance during the World Cup, Shakib expressed disappointment. He identified a lack of intent and confidence among the batters, which hindered their ability to set or chase competitive totals. Notably, the team has struggled to perform effectively on wickets that favor high-scoring games (170-180 runs).

Bowling Strategy

Regarding the decision to open the bowling with spinners against India, Shakib stated that the coaching staff expected the wicket to assist the spinners. However, given the lack of early wickets, he suggested that batting first could have been a more advantageous option, especially with the knowledge of a target score to chase.

Addressing Rising Targets

“We need to understand how to play the 170-180 game,” Shakib emphasized. He pointed out that Bangladesh’s batters are comfortable with targets around 130-150 runs, but they lack the experience and confidence to chase or set higher totals. He cited the absence of successful local batters chasing high targets in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) as an indication of this weakness, calling for improvement in this area.


Shakib’s candid assessment of Bangladesh’s performance highlights the need for the team to enhance their skills and experience to compete with the world’s top cricketing nations. By addressing the highlighted areas, Bangladesh can elevate their game and aspire for greater success on the international stage.

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