What Changes Can Players Expect in Erangel Classic Map Compared to the Current Erangel Map?

What Changes Can Players Expect in Erangel Classic Map Compared to the Current Erangel Map?

Erangel Classic: Revisiting the Roots of PUBG

**Erangel’s Triumphant Return**

Prepare for a nostalgic journey as Erangel Classic, the iconic map that defined the early days of PUBG, makes its grand reappearance. From May 14th for PC players and May 23rd for console warriors, Erangel Classic will replace the current Erangel map in Normal Matches, providing an opportunity to relive cherished moments and evoke memories of PUBG’s humble beginnings.

**Features that Defined PUBG’s Essence**

Erangel Classic is more than just a map; it’s a gateway to the past. Experience the fog and rain that once shrouded the battlegrounds, adding an eerie and atmospheric touch to your gameplay. Rush to the starting island and grab your favorite weapon from the benches, just like in the days of yore.

**Nostalgic Visuals and UI**

Step into Erangel Classic and be greeted by the familiar sight of the vintage world map and minimap, the match start timer, and the charmingly tacky font and graphics. It’s a nostalgic journey that transports you back to the early days of PUBG.

**Classic Gunplay with a Modern Twist**

The firearms in Erangel Classic carry a certain nostalgic touch. While not an exact replica of the old recoil, players will be able to reminisce about those early PUBG days. Search for the Tommy Gun in Care Packages, just like in the old days. And prepare for more challenging enemy takedowns, as knockdowns will require more time.

**Minor Visual Enhancements**

To enhance the nostalgic experience, Erangel Classic will feature scattered clothing and helmets on the ground. These minor visual tweaks add a touch of realism and immersion, taking you back to the early days of the battle royale phenomenon.

**A Journey to the Past with Modern Tweaks**

Erangel Classic preserves the essence of the earlier version of Erangel, its distinctive appearance and atmosphere, while delivering the enjoyable gameplay experiences that players have grown accustomed to. It’s a nostalgic journey that combines the best of the past with the enhancements of the present.

For a complete list of all the throwbacks and changes coming to Erangel Classic, check out the Patch Notes on May 13th. We’ll see you on the battlegrounds, where the past and present collide in a nostalgic and thrilling experience.

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