What are the cost benefits of using Sounder trains for Mariners games?

What are the cost benefits of using Sounder trains for Mariners games?

Unlock the Cost-Saving Perks of Sounder Trains for Mariners Games

For every baseball enthusiast eager to cheer on the Mariners, there’s an easy and budget-friendly way to get to T-Mobile Park: Sounder trains. These trains offer substantial savings on expenses like travel time, parking, and gas.

Time Savings and Stress Relief

Navigating the hustle and bustle of Seattle during game days can be a traffic nightmare. However, Sounder trains eliminate this hassle by offering a convenient and expedient mode of transportation. By opting for these trains, you’ll not only save time but also avoid the stress associated with driving and parking.

Parking and Gas Savings

Parking near T-Mobile Park can be a costly endeavor, with fees often exceeding $50. However, with Sounder trains, you can park your vehicle at a participating station for a nominal fee and enjoy a comfortable train ride to the game. Additionally, you’ll save on gas expenses, which can add up quickly, especially for those traveling from afar.

How to Access Sounder Trains for Mariners Games

On Sunday, June 30th, travelers can board the Sounder Line S train from Lakewood, departing at 10:11 AM. This train will make stops at all Sounder S Line stations before arriving at King Street Station at 11:27 AM.

For those residing in Snohomish County, the Sounder Line N train provides an option. Departing from Everett at 10:45 AM, this train will stop in Mukilteo and Edmonds before reaching King Street Station at 11:44 AM.

After the game concludes, both trains will depart 45 minutes later, ensuring a prompt return trip.

Alternative Transportation Options

In addition to Sounder trains, Mariners fans can also take advantage of Link light rail, ST Express buses, and King County Metro buses. The Link 1 Line operates every 10 minutes on weekends and stops near the stadium. ST Express buses and King County Metro buses also provide convenient service to the stadium area.

ORCA Card Perks

For a seamless experience, consider purchasing an ORCA card. Priced at a mere $3, this card can be loaded with funds or a pass for unlimited transit trips. It also allows you to skip lines at ticket vending machines.

Tips for a Smooth Trip

To enhance your Sounder train experience, keep these tips in mind:

* Tap your ORCA card upon entering and leaving Sounder and Link stations.
* Take advantage of the available parking at Sounder stations and designated Link stations.
* Allow ample time for travel, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

By utilizing Sounder trains for Mariners games, you’ll save money, reduce stress, and enjoy a hassle-free experience. So, embrace the cost-saving benefits and cheer on your team in style!

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