What Are Some Highly Rated Quick Completion Games on Sale for Xbox This Week?

What Are Some Highly Rated Quick Completion Games on Sale for Xbox This Week?

111 Easy Gamerscore Completions to Buy During This Week’s Xbox Sale

A brand-new Xbox sale is here, and after thoroughly examining the offerings, an impressive 111 easy-to-complete games have been discovered. Each of these titles offers effortlessly attainable Gamerscore, making this an ideal opportunity to bolster your profile.

Mimi the Cat: Mimi’s Scratcher – The Simplest of the Easy Completions

The most straightforward quick completion on sale this week is Mimi the Cat: Mimi’s Scratcher, a puzzle game that has earned a 2.52/5 TA community rating. By following the straightforward achievements, all 17 can be unlocked in approximately ten minutes. To make the process even smoother, a comprehensive Mimi the Cat: Mimi’s Scratcher walkthrough is available to guide you along the way.

I, Zombie – The Most Affordable Quick Completion

The cheapest quick completion in this week’s sale is I, Zombie, a strategy title priced at a mere $0.99 / £0.79 / €0.99. By utilizing the individual achievement guides, unlocking all 12 I, Zombie achievements can be accomplished in around three hours. Although there are two speed-run achievements, they are less intimidating than they may appear. The TA community has given I, Zombie a respectable rating of 2.63/5.

Lego Builder’s Journey – The Highest Rated Quick Completion

Among the highest-rated quick completions on sale is Lego Builder’s Journey, which boasts a 3.58/5 TA community rating. Its achievements are obtained by simply playing through the captivating story, eliminating the need for complex or stressful tasks. To further simplify the process, an excellent Lego Builder’s Journey walkthrough provides step-by-step instructions for unlocking each achievement. Lego Builder’s Journey can be purchased for $4.99 / £4.18 / €4.99.

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