What are Roman Reigns’ future plans after withdrawing from the WWE Draft?

What are Roman Reigns' future plans after withdrawing from the WWE Draft?

Roman Reigns’ Future in WWE: Withdrawing from the Draft and Beyond

The Tribal Chief’s Decision

WWE fans were taken aback when Paul Heyman announced Roman Reigns’ withdrawal from the upcoming WWE Draft, surprising the WWE Universe. The Tribal Chief has opted to remain exclusive to SmackDown, leaving the red brand without its top target. USA Network, the home of RAW, expressed disappointment with this decision, stating that Reigns’ absence “threw a wrench in our plans.”

Hiatus and Return Speculation

Roman Reigns has been absent from WWE television since losing the Undisputed WWE Championship to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL. His decision to withdraw from the Draft is reportedly due to his current hiatus.

Heyman’s statement suggests that Reigns has no plans to return to television in the near future. He stated that Reigns “is not returning in the immediate future” and will not “hog the Number One draft pick spotlight.”

Legacy and Impact

Despite his absence, Roman Reigns’ impact on WWE remains undeniable. He held the Universal Title for an unprecedented four years and reigned as the Undisputed WWE Champion for over two years. His dominance as the Tribal Chief has solidified his status as one of the greatest heels of all time.

When Reigns eventually makes his return, he is sure to receive a thunderous ovation from the WWE Universe. His return is highly anticipated, as it will mark the end of his hiatus and the continuation of his legendary career.

Additional Information

* Roman Reigns’ withdrawal from the WWE Draft was a major talking point among fans and analysts.
* His decision to remain on SmackDown leaves the red brand without a top-tier star.
* Reigns’ hiatus and future return plans remain shrouded in mystery, fueling speculation among the WWE Universe.
* Stay tuned for updates on Roman Reigns’ status and the latest developments in WWE.

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