What are Naomi Osaka’s recent results on red clay and how is she preparing for the French Open 2024?

What are Naomi Osaka's recent results on red clay and how is she preparing for the French Open 2024?

Naomi Osaka’s French Open Preparations: Aiming for Triumph on Clay


Naomi Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam champion, is preparing for the upcoming French Open, the only Grand Slam tournament played on clay. Despite having struggled on the surface in the past, Osaka is determined to improve her record and make a strong run at the title.

Recent Results on Red Clay

Mixed Fortunes

Osaka has a 4-3 record on clay this season, with her most notable performance being a quarterfinal run in Qatar. However, she has also suffered disappointing losses, including a fourth-round exit at the Italian Open.

Training and Preparation

Intensified Practice

Osaka has been training diligently on clay, working on her footwork, consistency, and endurance. She has also consulted with her coaches to develop specific strategies for the slow and demanding surface.

Physical Conditioning

Maintaining Fitness

Osaka is prioritizing her physical conditioning to ensure she can withstand the rigors of a Grand Slam tournament. She is focusing on strength training, flexibility exercises, and cardiovascular fitness.

Mental Preparation

Positive Mindset

Osaka is maintaining a positive mindset and believes in her ability to succeed on clay. She has drawn inspiration from her past victories and is confident in her game plan.

Previous French Open Performances

Third-Round Finish

Osaka’s best performance at the French Open was reaching the third round in 2016, 2018, and 2019. She is aiming to surpass her previous achievements and make a deeper run in this year’s tournament.

Upcoming Opponent

Lucia Bronzetti

Osaka’s first-round opponent will be Lucia Bronzetti, an Italian player ranked outside the top 50. The two have never faced each other before, but Osaka will be favored based on her experience and ranking.

Expectations and Predictions

Cautious Optimism

Experts believe that Osaka has the potential to make a strong run at the French Open. However, given her mixed results on clay, there is some caution surrounding her chances. Nonetheless, her determination and recent form make her a contender.


Naomi Osaka is focused on conquering the clay and making a mark at the French Open. With intensified training, a positive mindset, and the support of her team, she is determined to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with on any surface.

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