Jade Cargill: SmackDown Star Embraces Roster Flexibility Ahead of WWE Draft

Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill Embraces Roster Flexibility Ahead of WWE Draft

With the highly anticipated WWE Draft set to shake up the rosters, many wrestlers eagerly await their potential fate. Among them is Jade Cargill, a rising star currently residing on the SmackDown brand. However, the talented athlete maintains a positive outlook regardless of where she may end up.

Embracing Flexibility

In a recent interview with The Babyfaces Podcast, Cargill expressed her willingness to accept any roster assignment. “I wasn’t thinking I was going to be at SmackDown initially, and it worked out that way, and I love SmackDown. The locker room is phenomenal,” she said.

Cargill emphasized her contentment on SmackDown but also hinted at a possible move to Raw. “I wouldn’t mind busting up at Raw and showing them what I’m about. Either or is fine with me,” she declared.

Career Trajectory

Cargill’s flexibility stems from her confidence in her abilities. Since joining WWE in 2020, she has quickly established herself as a dominant force, undefeated in singles competition. Her recent feud with former SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey has further solidified her status as a top contender.

Draft Implications

The WWE Draft is an annual event that allows WWE to balance its two main rosters, Raw and SmackDown. It provides opportunities for superstars to move between brands and pursue new storylines.

Cargill’s inclusion in the draft pool suggests that both Raw and SmackDown are interested in acquiring her services. Her versatility as a performer and her undeniable charisma make her a valuable asset to either roster.

Positive Outlook

Despite the uncertainty surrounding her future, Cargill remains positive and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. “As long as I have a schedule, I’m fine with that. If they need me to do both shows, I’ll do both shows because I feel I eventually am,” she said.

Cargill’s adaptability and determination will undoubtedly serve her well as she navigates the waters of the upcoming WWE Draft. Regardless of where she ends up, fans can expect her to continue making a significant impact on the wrestling landscape.

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