Introducing Braum: The Support Powerhouse of 2XKOs Latest Champion Lineup

Introducing Braum

Braum Joins the 2XKO Roster: A Look at His Unique Abilities

2XKO, the highly anticipated fighting game by Riot Games, has just revealed its newest champion: Braum. Known as “the Heart of the Freljord,” Braum is a cherished character from League of Legends, and he’s now making his debut in the fighting game universe. For those eager to learn more about him, here’s a dive into Braum’s gameplay and abilities, with a special peek into what makes him a standout character.

Meet Braum: The Protective Powerhouse

Braum is not just any character; he’s designed to be the support your team needs. With his massive biceps and even bigger heart, Braum is perfect for players who enjoy protective roles. His design centers around his shield, once the unbreakable door to an ancient treasure vault. Now, it serves as his primary weapon to protect his allies from incoming damage.

Abilities That Make Braum Unique

Braum’s abilities are not just for defense; they also pack quite a punch. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Unbreakable Shield: This shield allows Braum to block incoming damage efficiently. It’s not just a defensive tool; it enables Braum to create space for his team to land devastating combos.
  • Unbreakable Buff: When Braum lands certain abilities, his shield gets coated in ice, adding extra damage to his special moves. This buff transforms Braum from just a protector to an offensive threat.
  • Freeze Mechanic: One of the most exciting features Braum brings to 2XKO is a unique freeze mechanic. By activating the magic of his shield, Braum gains extra armor and has the ability to freeze opponents, making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Braum’s Little Helpers: The Poros

Adding a flavor of fun and charm to Braum’s character are his friends, the poros. These magical creatures are native to the Freljord, Braum’s home region. Here’s how they assist him in gameplay:

  • Aerial Poros: These little friends can fly through the air to stop fleeing enemies, making them an essential part of Braum’s toolkit.
  • Poro Ball: By coming together, poros can form a massive ball of fluff, dealing tons of damage to opponents. It’s not only effective but also highly entertaining to watch.
  • Damaging Taunt: As seen in the trailer, Braum has a playful taunt where he throws a tiny poro at his opponent, adding a quirky touch to his vast array of abilities.

Visuals and Gameplay Trailer

The announcement of Braum was accompanied by an impressive gameplay trailer, showcasing various elements of his character, including his supers and the damaging taunt involving poros. The trailer also gives a glimpse of a new coastline stage and a custom intro cinematic where Braum dramatically comes to Illaoi’s rescue. You can watch the trailer below:

A New Addition Ahead of Alpha Playtest

Braum’s reveal adds to the excitement building up for 2XKO’s playtests starting August 8, giving players the opportunity to try out this hard-hitting defensive powerhouse. For those keeping count, Braum marks the sixth playable character to get a trailer, joining notable names like Ahri, Yasuo, and Ekko.

Looking Forward

With the ongoing alpha playtests and upcoming releases, 2XKO is shaping up to be a fantastic addition to the fighting game genre. The inclusion of beloved characters like Braum and their unique abilities ensures that there’s something for every type of player, whether you prefer defensive strategies or aggressive plays. So, if you’re excited to try out Braum or any of the other champions, make sure to stay tuned for more updates from Riot Games.

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