How to Set Up Left-Hand Viewmodel and Swap Keybind in Counter-Strike 2?

CS2: How to Setup Left-Hand Viewmodel, Swap Shortcut

**Valve’s CS2 Finally Caters to Lefties**

After seven months of waiting, Counter-Strike 2 players can finally rejoice as Valve has added the long-awaited left-hand viewmodel and keybind swap feature. This crucial update provides a significant advantage, particularly in tight corners and close-quarters maps like Inferno and Office.

**Setting Up Left-Hand Viewmodel**

To switch to the left-hand viewmodel, navigate to the game’s Settings > Game > Item section and locate the “Preferred Viewmodel Left/Right Handedness” option. Use the drop-down toggle to select “Left.”

**Swapping Keybind Setup**

For easy swapping between left and right-handedness during gameplay, you can set a custom keybind. Go to Settings > Keyboard/Mouse > Weapon Keys and find the “Switch Viewmodel Left/Right Hand” option. Assign your preferred keybind (default is H).

**Additional CS2 Enhancements**

Along with the left-hand viewmodel feature, the update brings various HUD and Buy Menu improvements. Notable additions include:

– Radar Map Alternate Zoom setting
– Toggle Radar Zoom key bind
– Grenade line-up reticle
– Consistent weapon swap text
– In-air kill icons
– Integrated scoreboard in ESC menu
– Dropped Weapons panel in Buy Menu
– Minimum money display in Buy Menu title bar

**Enhanced Gameplay for All**

The left-hand viewmodel and keybind swap options not only cater to left-handed players but also provide tactical advantages in all maps. The additional HUD and Buy Menu enhancements further streamline gameplay and enhance player experience. With these improvements, CS2 continues to evolve as a competitive FPS, offering a more immersive and customizable experience for all.

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