How is Hendrick collaborating with Arrow McLaren for Kyle Larson’s Double race?

How is Hendrick collaborating with Arrow McLaren for Kyle Larson's Double race?

The Indy 500 logistics of Kyle Larson: How Hendrick, Arrow McLaren planned ‘The Double’ behind the scenes

Kyle Larson is set to make history at this year’s Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola 600 by becoming the first driver to compete in both races on the same day. The ambitious endeavor has required meticulous planning and coordination from two different teams, Hendrick Motorsports and Arrow McLaren, and their efforts to execute “The Double” have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Pre-Race Preparation

The planning for Larson’s doubleheader began months ago, with Hendrick Motorsports and Arrow McLaren working closely to ensure a seamless transition between races. Both teams prepared two separate cars, one for each race, with Arrow McLaren modifying their IndyCar for the Coca-Cola 600 to meet NASCAR specifications. They also mapped out detailed logistics for pit stop equipment, crew assignments, and transportation between tracks.

Race Day Coordination

On race day, a team of engineers, mechanics, and spotters will work together to facilitate Larson’s transition from Indianapolis to Charlotte. A helicopter will be on standby to transport Larson and his spotter, while a dedicated courier will deliver data from the IndyCar to the NASCAR team. The teams will communicate continuously throughout the day to ensure that Larson is receiving real-time information from both races.

Crew Management

The logistics of “The Double” require a well-coordinated crew. Hendrick Motorsports and Arrow McLaren have assigned a total of 32 crew members to assist Larson, with each team responsible for different tasks. This includes pit crews for both cars, tire changers, fuelers, and a team of engineers dedicated to monitoring Larson’s performance and providing him with technical support.

Transportation and Equipment

Hauling the two cars and necessary equipment between Indianapolis and Charlotte is a logistical challenge. To facilitate the smooth movement of vehicles, Hendrick Motorsports and Arrow McLaren have chartered two semi-trailer trucks. These trucks will be equipped with specialized equipment to ensure the cars are transported safely and efficiently.

Human Element

While the technological and logistical aspects of “The Double” are complex, the human element is equally important. The teams involved have developed clear communication protocols and established a system for making quick decisions in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The ultimate goal is to provide Larson with the support and resources he needs to maximize his performance in both races.


The Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600 doubleheader is an ambitious undertaking that highlights the incredible level of coordination and planning required in motorsports. Hendrick Motorsports and Arrow McLaren have worked together seamlessly to create a comprehensive plan that will allow Larson to chase history. The logistics involved in executing “The Double” are complex, but the dedication and teamwork of the teams involved demonstrate the incredible capabilities of human ingenuity and the pursuit of excellence in the world of racing.

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