How has Oliver Glasner impacted Jean-Philippe Mateta’s performance at Crystal Palace?

How has Oliver Glasner impacted Jean-Philippe Mateta's performance at Crystal Palace?

## Oliver Glasner’s Influence on Jean-Philippe Mateta’s Crystal Palace Performance

Since Oliver Glasner took over as manager of Crystal Palace, Jean-Philippe Mateta has emerged as a key player for the Eagles. The French striker has scored five goals in his last six Premier League appearances, helping Palace to climb the table.

Mateta’s turnaround in form is a credit to Glasner, who has shown faith in the striker and given him the opportunity to play regularly. The German coach has also helped Mateta to improve his all-round game, making him a more effective player in the final third.

Glasner’s Tactical Tweaks

One of the key changes Glasner has made is to switch to a 4-3-3 formation, which has given Mateta more freedom to operate in the center of the attack. The Frenchman is a natural goalscorer, and he is now able to get into more scoring positions thanks to the support of Wilfried Zaha and Eberechi Eze.

Glasner has also encouraged Mateta to be more involved in the build-up play. The striker is now more comfortable dropping deep to receive the ball and linking up with his teammates. This has made Palace’s attack more fluid and unpredictable.

Improved Confidence

In addition to his tactical tweaks, Glasner has also helped Mateta to improve his confidence. The striker had a difficult time at Palace before Glasner’s arrival, and he often struggled to find his feet in the Premier League. However, Glasner has always believed in Mateta’s ability, and he has given the striker the confidence to express himself on the pitch.

As a result, Mateta is now playing with a freedom and swagger that was previously lacking. He is taking more risks in the final third, and he is not afraid to try things that might not always come off. This newfound confidence has been a major factor in his recent goalscoring form.


Oliver Glasner has had a transformative effect on Jean-Philippe Mateta’s Crystal Palace career. The German coach has shown faith in the striker, given him the opportunity to play regularly, and helped him to improve his all-round game. As a result, Mateta has become a key player for Palace, and he is now one of the most in-form strikers in the Premier League.
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