How did Sylvinho prepare for tough opponents like Italy Spain and Croatia in Euro 2024?

By Mehek Jun 25, 2024 #Albania #Sylvinho

How Sylvinho Masterminds Albania’s Euro 2024 Success Against Footballing Giants

Despite facing formidable opponents like Italy, Spain, and Croatia in the Euro 2024 group stage, Albania has amazed football enthusiasts with their resilient performances and the prospect of advancing to the knockout round. The mastermind behind this remarkable feat is none other than former Brazilian star Sylvinho.

Preparing for the Clash of Titans

Sylvinho, who has had a glittering career at clubs like Barcelona and Arsenal, understands the complexities of facing top-tier teams. He emphasizes the importance of bridging the gap by diligently preparing for each match. “We must find ways to level the playing field,” he stresses.

The Importance of Individual Preparation

Sylvinho, having faced many challenging opponents during his playing days, acknowledges the difficulties posed by a particular former Premier League player during his time at Arsenal. “Stephen Carr of Tottenham was a formidable opponent,” he recalls. “His strength and skills on the flank necessitated thorough preparation a month in advance.”

Focus on Management, Not Past Glory

While Sylvinho’s past accomplishments as a player serve as inspiration, he emphasizes his current role as a manager who must guide his team through their challenges. “I approach the players from a coaching perspective, not as a former player,” he explains.

Knowledge and Dedication on the Coaching Staff

Sylvinho is supported by a coaching team that includes former Middlesbrough midfielder Doriva and ex-Manchester City defender Pablo Zabaleta. Together, they provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Albanian team.

Overcoming Expectations and Creating Opportunities

As the second-lowest ranked team entering the tournament, Albania had minimal expectations. However, Sylvinho’s tactical acumen and the team’s unwavering determination have defied expectations. Their impressive showings have earned them recognition and the chance to cause further upsets.


Sylvinho’s meticulous preparation, focus on individual development, and the team’s collective spirit have transformed Albania into a force to be reckoned with at Euro 2024. Despite facing formidable opponents, Albania remains hopeful and ready to create more footballing history.

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