How did Lincoln McCarthy turn his career around at Brisbane Lions?

How did Lincoln McCarthy turn his career around at Brisbane Lions?

How Lincoln McCarthy’s Career Flourished at the Brisbane Lions

After a challenging seven years with the Geelong Cats, Lincoln McCarthy has experienced a remarkable career resurgence with the Brisbane Lions.

A Fresh Start in Brisbane

McCarthy arrived at the Lions in 2019 after struggling with injuries and limited playing time at Geelong. However, his move to Brisbane marked a turning point in his career.

Overcoming Adversity

Prior to joining the Lions, McCarthy had doubts about his ability to succeed in the AFL. He questioned whether he was “made for the game,” but his unwavering determination fueled his comeback.

A Healthy Mind and Body

McCarthy credits his improved health as a major factor in his resurgence. After enduring numerous setbacks at Geelong, he found a new lease on life in Brisbane. This stability allowed him to focus on his fitness and performance.

A Supportive Environment

McCarthy has expressed his gratitude for the support he has received at the Lions. He praised the team’s culture and coaching staff for fostering his growth and confidence.

Proving His Worth

McCarthy has become a valuable asset to the Lions. He has played a key role in their attacking lineup, contributing with his speed, agility, and goal-scoring prowess.

Lessons Learned

McCarthy emphasizes the importance of composure and execution in football. He stresses that teams must capitalize on their efforts and avoid unnecessary handballs. He believes that the Lions have the potential to achieve great things if they can maintain their focus and discipline.

A Milestone Moment

McCarthy recently celebrated his 150th AFL game. The milestone serves as a testament to his resilience and determination. He reflects on his journey with humility and gratitude.

Community Impact

McCarthy is committed to making a positive impact in the community. He supports various charities and has become a role model for aspiring young footballers.


Lincoln McCarthy’s journey from adversity to success is an inspiring story of resilience and perseverance. His move to the Brisbane Lions has allowed him to rediscover his passion for football and achieve his full potential. As he continues to contribute to the Lions and the community, McCarthy’s legacy will undoubtedly extend beyond his time on the field.

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