Esports World Cup Day 2: Team Liquid Triumphs over Fnatic in Intense Matches

Esports World Cup Day 2

Esports World Cup Heats Up with Intense Matches

League of Legends Fierce Battles

Day 2 of the Esports World Cup witnessed intense battles in the League of Legends competition. T1 and Bilibili Gaming clashed in a do-or-die BO3 series. T1 emerged victorious, securing a swift 2-0 triumph and eliminating Bilibili Gaming from the event.

The most anticipated match of the day featured Team Liquid and Fnatic. CoreJJ and APA showcased exceptional performances, leading Team Liquid to a swift 2-0 victory over Fnatic. Team Liquid will now face T1 in the semifinals on Saturday.

Dota 2 Elite Competition

The Dota 2 debut showcased the elite level of competition at the EWC. An overwhelming number of BO2 matches ended in well-deserved draws. Blacklist International pulled off the biggest upset by defeating G2, while PSG Quest secured a 2-0 victory over Azura Ray Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Group A was decided with NIP Flash and Fire Flux Esports securing spots in the Quarter-Finals.

Call of Duty: Warzone Group Stage

The second day marked the beginning of the Call of Duty: Warzone group stage. Team Falcons emerged as the leaders with 97.2 points and 65 eliminations. FNATIC, Team abWizz, Team Heretics, and Guild Esports followed close behind.

Team Liquid Dominates Fnatic

In a highly anticipated matchup, Team Liquid swept Fnatic 2-0 in a best-of-three series. Team Liquid dominated the early game in Map 1, while Fnatic fought back in the second game. Ultimately, Team Liquid snuffed out Fnatic’s hopes of a comeback, securing a place in the semifinals.

Other Highlights

  • American Express has unveiled new card designs inspired by the tournament.
  • Esports enthusiasts are flocking to Riyadh to witness the intense competition and soak up the fan-friendly atmosphere.
  • Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from the Esports World Cup!

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