Bloodhounds Arsenal: A Gamers Guide to the Deadly Weapons in Bloodhound

Bloodhound's Arsenal

Bloodhound’s Arsenal: The Weapons You Can Use

Bloodhound’s Arsenal: The Weapons You Can Use

Attention, gaming enthusiasts! Nearly a year after its explosive debut on Steam, the arcade throwback FPS Bloodhound is now gracing PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Created by the independent Polish studio Kruger & Flint Productions, Bloodhound brings the action-packed demon-slaying fun to console gamers. Xbox players won’t have to wait much longer; the title is set to launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series this August.

Setting the Stage

In Bloodhound, you step into the shoes of a brave member of the Order of Keepers of the Gates, a hidden faction within the Templar order. Your mission? Keep the gates of Hell securely closed against the Cult of Astaroth, which plans to unleash untold horrors upon the world. These hellish locations draw inspiration from classic horror movies, legendary FPS games, and real-world references, creating an environment that’s as eerie as it is exhilarating.

Arm Yourself for Battle

Certainly, a war against demons requires more than sheer bravery. Bloodhound gifts players with an array of 10 fearsome weapons. Here’s what you can expect to wield in your quest to save humanity:

  • Machete: Get up close and personal with demonic foes with this melee weapon. Ideal for quick, deadly strikes.
  • Double-barrelled Shotgun: A must for any FPS aficionado. Delivering powerful blasts, it’s perfect for taking down enemies at close range.
  • Crossbow: Silent but lethal, the crossbow allows for more tactical approaches. Aim true and watch your foes fall.
  • Rocket Launcher: Sometimes, subtlety just isn’t an option. Blow your enemies to bits with this high-powered weapon.
  • Chainsaw-Flamethrower: A unique blend of sheer brutality and pyrotechnics. Engage in some serious mayhem with this hybrid tool of destruction.
  • Plasma Rifle: Channel futuristic energy to obliterate your enemies with searing plasma shots.
  • Sniper Rifle: For those who prefer the long game, this sniper rifle offers precision shooting from afar.
  • Grenade Launcher: Lobs explosive grenades into clusters of enemies. Ideal for clearing rooms and making a statement.
  • Battle Axe: Nothing says medieval justice like hacking through foes with a battle axe.
  • Minigun: When you need to create a wall of bullets, look no further than the minigun. Lay down suppressing fire and watch the demons scatter.

Extras for PlayStation Fans

PlayStation players are in for a treat with a bonus feature that amps up the nostalgia factor. The game includes a free DLC addon called “Juicy Retro Style!” This gives the game a pixelated filter, paying homage to the old-school aesthetics that fans love.

Get It on Sale

If your heart lies with PC gaming, there’s still exciting news. Bloodhound is currently available at an incredible 80% discount during the Steam Summer Sale. Don’t miss this chance to add it to your library before the sale wraps up on July 11th.

Watch the Heroes in Action

Want to see the game in action? Check out the trailers embedded below to get a real feel for the combat and story:

Whether you’re a console or PC player, Bloodhound offers a thrilling, intense experience that harks back to some of the greatest FPS games of all time. Equip yourself with an arsenal of chilling weaponry and prepare to face the forces of Hell head-on.

Happy gaming!

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