Berlin vs. London: Where to Watch the Euros for Less?

By Priyanka Jul 6, 2024 #Berlin #Euros #London
Berlin vs. London

Berlin or London: Where to Watch the Euros for Less?**

The Cost Comparison

For football enthusiasts, the Euros is a spectacle not to be missed. But with the rising cost of living, finding a budget-friendly way to enjoy the tournament is crucial. Let’s compare the costs of experiencing the Euros in Berlin and London.

Berlin: A Budget-Friendly Getaway

England fan Callum Ryan decided to fly to Berlin for the Euros and surprisingly discovered that it was almost as affordable as staying home and watching it on TV. Here’s his breakdown:

* **Flight:** £32.95 (Ryanair from East Midlands Airport)
* **Fan Zone Admission:** Free
* **Food and Drink:** €8 (£6.78) for a hotdog and beer

London: Home Turf with a Price Tag

At the fan zone in Box Park, Shoreditch, the costs are slightly higher:

* **Ticket:** £32.21 (including a food voucher)
* **Hotdog:** £7.75
* **Pint:** £6 to £7

Based on Ryan’s experience, watching the Euros in Berlin can be just as budget-friendly as staying home, with the added bonus of experiencing a new city.

The Ambience and Activities

Beyond the cost, the atmosphere is a crucial factor. Berlin’s fan zones offer a lively ambiance, with food vans, bars, and interactive games. The big screen ensures a prime view of the matches.

“The atmosphere was amazing,” exclaimed Ryan. “The people were all in good spirits, and it felt like when we held the Euros back in 2020.”

In London, the fan zone at Box Park also provides a lively atmosphere. However, the indoor setting may limit the open-air experience that Berlin’s fan zones offer.

The Verdict

If your primary goal is to save money while enjoying the Euros, Berlin emerges as the more budget-friendly option. The free admission to fan zones and the affordable food and drink prices make it a cost-effective way to experience the tournament.

If you prefer the convenience of staying home and the guaranteed atmosphere of a dedicated fan zone, London offers a more traditional experience. However, be prepared to pay a slightly higher price.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your individual preferences and budget. Whether you opt for Berlin’s adventure or London’s comfort, the Euros promise an unforgettable football spectacle.

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