Why is Indias Hindu Right Pro-Israel? Empathy and solidarity with Israel against terrorism?

By Divya Jun 25, 2024 #Hindu nationalism #India #Israel
Why is India's Hindu Right Pro-Israel? Empathy and solidarity with Israel against terrorism?

Why is India’s Hindu Right Pro-Israel?

The growing pro-Israel sentiment in India, particularly among the Hindu right, is a complex phenomenon rooted in several factors:

Empathy and Solidarity against Terrorism

Both India and Israel have faced significant challenges from terrorism, influencing their perspectives and fostering a sense of shared experience. India’s empathy stems from its own struggles with terrorism, primarily sponsored by Pakistan. Similarly, Israel’s counterterrorism efforts have gained support from India.

Economic and Military Ties

Post-Cold War, India and Israel have strengthened their economic and military relations. Israel is a major supplier of defense equipment to India, contributing to India’s national security. The robust trade between the two countries has further fostered this bond.

Affinity with Hindu nationalism

The ideological convergence between the Hindu right and Israel stems from their shared belief in a strong, prosperous, and secure state. Hindu nationalists see Israel as a model for their aspirations in India, combining ancient cultural traditions with modern technology and military prowess. They envision a society where the dominant cultural group enjoys preferential treatment, similar to the “Jewish state” model employed in Israel.

Shared Struggles

India and Israel share the experience of being the primary homes for their respective religious groups, facing hostility from neighboring powers. Both countries have had to overcome challenges in achieving political power and establishing their own states.

Historical Support

Former Israeli Ambassador to India, Daniel Carmon, suggests that India may be providing weapons to Israel as a gesture of gratitude for Israel’s support during the 1999 Kargil War. This act of solidarity has contributed to building a strong foundation for their current relationship.


The pro-Israel stance of India’s Hindu right is a multi-layered issue that goes beyond political affiliations. It includes empathy for Israel’s struggles against terrorism, economic and military ties, ideological affinity, shared historical experiences, and a sense of gratitude for past support. This complex interplay of factors has shaped the current dynamic between India and Israel.

By Divya

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