The Rising Influence of Hindutva in Indian Politics: An Insightful Analysis

By Priyanka Jul 2, 2024 #bjp #Hindutva
The Rising Influence of Hindutva in Indian Politics

Hindutva’s Influence on Indian Politics: A Senior Editor’s Perspective

In recent years, Hindutva, a political ideology rooted in Hindu nationalism, has played an increasingly prominent role in Indian politics. It has become a dominant force, influencing the electoral landscape and sparking both support and controversy.

Hindutva’s Definition

Hindutva is an ideology that seeks to establish a Hindu-centric nation in India. It asserts that India is a Hindu nation and places great emphasis on Hindu culture, traditions, and values. Hindutva advocates for the protection of Hindu interests and the preservation of Hindu heritage.

Impact on Indian Politics

Hindutva has had a significant impact on Indian politics. It has become the cornerstone of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the ruling party at the center and in many states. The BJP has used Hindutva as a rallying cry, mobilizing voters by appealing to their religious and cultural sentiments.

The prominence of Hindutva has led to a polarization of Indian society. Some groups view Hindutva as a unifying force that promotes Hindu unity and pride. However, others see it as a divisive ideology that marginalizes non-Hindu minorities.

Criticism of Hindutva

Critics of Hindutva argue that it promotes a narrow and exclusionary view of Indian identity. They claim that Hindutva’s emphasis on Hindu dominance undermines the secular and democratic foundations of India.

Moreover, some critics have accused Hindutva supporters of engaging in violence and intimidation against religious minorities. Incidents of hate speech, mob violence, and cow vigilantism have raised concerns about the potential for communal conflict.

The Future of Hindutva

The future of Hindutva in Indian politics remains uncertain. While it has gained significant support, it has also faced growing resistance from opposition parties and civil society groups.

The continuing influence of Hindutva will depend on its ability to balance its appeal to Hindu voters with the need to maintain social harmony and protect the rights of all citizens.


Hindutva has emerged as a powerful force in Indian politics. Its impact has been both positive and negative, sparking both support and controversy. The future of Hindutva will determine the course of Indian society, influencing the balance between religious identity and national unity.

As India continues to evolve as a democracy, it is crucial for all stakeholders to engage in respectful dialogue and work towards a shared vision that embraces the diversity and pluralism that define our nation.

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