Pune Porsche Accident: Outrage over Teen’s Swift Release Sparks Public Fury

Pune Porsche Accident

Pune Porsche Accident: Swift Release of Accused Teen Sparks Outrage

Lenient Treatment Raises Questions

On Sunday, two young techies died tragically in a horrific car accident in Pune. The accused, a 17-year-old teen, was driving a Porsche Taycan at an alleged speed of 200 km per hour when he rammed into the victims’ motorcycle. Despite the severity of the crime, the teen was granted bail withinわずか15時間 by the Pune Juvenile Justice Board (JJB).

The JJB’s decision sparked outrage among the public, with many criticizing the leniency of the bail conditions: writing a 300-word essay on accidents, painting traffic awareness boards, and attending counseling. Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis expressed shock and surprise at the conditions, suggesting that they “need to be reviewed.”

Alcohol Consumption and Pub Involvement

Before the accident, the teen and his friends had consumed alcohol at two pubs in the city. CCTV footage shows the teen entering the establishments despite not being a member and drinking alcohol. The owners and staff of the pubs have been arrested for serving liquor to minors.

Pune Collector Suhas Diwase ordered the indefinite closure of the two pubs, Cosie and Blak Mariott. The father of the teen, a prominent builder, has also been detained for allowing his son to drive the high-end car without a license or proper training.

Political Slugfest Ensues

The accident has sparked a political slugfest, with Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Sanjay Raut demanding the removal of the Pune police commissioner and Maharashtra’s Leader of Opposition Vijay Wadettiwar seeking a judicial inquiry. Rahul Gandhi has questioned the “preferential treatment” given to the wealthy teen, while NCP MLA Dattatray Bhakre’s wife has accused the teen of bullying her son.

Father’s Escape Plan and Unregistered Porsche

The father of the teen attempted to outsmart the cops by fleeing the city and using decoy vehicles. However, his GPS-equipped car led to his eventual arrest. The Porsche involved in the accident had been on Pune roads without a number plate for months due to unpaid fees of Rs 1,758.

Building a Stronger Case

The Pune police are determined to build a strong case against the accused and seek a review of the JJB’s bail order. They have presented evidence of high-speed driving, alcohol consumption, and the teen’s lack of a license. They have also invoked Section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Calls for Justice and Strict Punishment

The public is demanding justice for the deceased techies and strict punishment for all those responsible. They believe that the leniency shown to the accused sends a dangerous message and undermines the rule of law. The case is a reminder of the urgent need to address reckless driving, underage drinking, and the accountability of parents in such incidents.

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