Jonathan Kaye Resigns After Brooklyn Assault: Moelis Bankers Shocking Departure

Jonathan Kaye Resigns After Brooklyn Assault

Jonathan Kaye Resignation and Brooklyn Incident

Senior Banker Jonathan Kaye Resigns Following Viral Video Incident

In a dramatic turn of events, Jonathan Kaye, a senior banker at Moelis & Co., has resigned from his position following a widely circulated video showing him striking a woman in Brooklyn. The video sparked outrage and led to significant scrutiny of Kaye’s actions, culminating in his decision to step down from his high-powered role.

The Incident in Brooklyn

The incident in question took place on June 8 during a Pride event in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Kaye was filmed punching a woman in the face, an act that left her with a broken nose, lacerations, and a black eye. The video of the assault quickly went viral, garnering widespread attention and condemnation.

The confrontation reportedly began as a verbal altercation regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict. According to Kaye, the woman had thrown a liquid on him before he lashed out in response. The video captures a visibly agitated Kaye walking away from the scene with his jacket stained by the liquid. Onlookers can be heard exclaiming their shock and disapproval of his actions.

Official Responses

In the wake of the incident, Moelis & Co. swiftly placed Kaye on leave while conducting an internal investigation. A spokesperson for the company later confirmed his resignation, stating succinctly that Kaye was “no longer with the firm.” Kaye’s profile was removed from the company’s website soon after.

Following the incident, a spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office announced that a criminal investigation is ongoing, but no further details have been disclosed. Kaye was not immediately available for comment on the developments.

A Look at Kaye’s Career

Jonathan Kaye joined Moelis & Co. in 2013 after a successful tenure at Citigroup, where he served as managing director of global mergers and acquisitions. At Moelis, he headed the global business services division, earning a reputation as a seasoned and influential banker.

In a podcast interview last year, Kaye shared insights about his journey in the finance industry, emphasizing the importance of resilience, empathy, and understanding in achieving success. He stressed the necessity of managing one’s reputation and navigating challenging interactions in the high-stakes world of investment banking.

Community Reactions

The incident and Kaye’s subsequent resignation have triggered a variety of responses within the financial sector and among the general public. Many have expressed their disapproval of Kaye’s actions, highlighting the need for accountability in both professional and personal conduct.

On social media, discussions surrounding Kaye’s behavior and its implications for his career were rife. Some individuals emphasized the gravity of his actions, insisting that such conduct should not be tolerated, especially from those in positions of power and influence.

Conversely, a minority of commenters questioned whether the altercation may have been provoked and argued for a more nuanced understanding of the events leading up to the violence. Nevertheless, the predominant sentiment has been one of condemnation and support for the woman involved.


Jonathan Kaye’s resignation marks a significant moment in the ongoing discourse about professional conduct and personal accountability. The viral video has spotlighted the repercussions that individuals in high-profile positions can face when their actions come under public scrutiny.

As the criminal investigation continues, the financial industry and the public at large will be closely watching for any further developments. Kaye’s departure from Moelis & Co. serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining ethical behavior, both in and out of the workplace.

It remains to be seen how this incident will impact Kaye’s career in the long term, but it undoubtedly serves as a cautionary tale for many within the finance world and beyond.

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