How Would the UK Government Benefit from Introducing a Digital Pound?

How Would the UK Government Benefit from Introducing a Digital Pound?

Digital Pound: A Fiscal Game-Changer for the UK Government

Seigniorage Boost

The UK government stands to gain substantial revenue by introducing a digital pound, according to a study by Positive Money.

Seigniorage, the profit earned by issuing currency, has declined in recent years due to commercial bank deposits replacing cash as the preferred payment method.

Currently, the Bank of England earns minimal seigniorage revenue from issuing banknotes. However, a digital pound could reverse this trend, generating billions annually.

Revenue Generation

The Positive Money report estimates that, by 2029, the government could earn:

  • £15 billion annually if 20% of bank deposits shift to a digital pound
  • £30 billion annually if 30% of deposits shift to a digital pound

Budgetary Implications

Simon Youel, author of the report, emphasizes the significant fiscal benefits of a digital pound, which should be considered in discussions on “fiscal headroom.”

He urges the Treasury and the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) to quantify these potential gains.

What is a Digital Pound?

A digital pound is a central bank digital currency (CBDC) created by the Bank of England.

Unlike current digital payments, a CBDC is issued by the central bank, potentially enhancing stability and trust in the financial system.

Bank of England Stance

The Bank of England has acknowledged the potential need for a digital pound as digital payments become increasingly prevalent.

While the Bank has yet to make a decision on implementation, it has initiated preparatory work.


The introduction of a digital pound presents a transformative opportunity for the UK government, with the potential to generate substantial seigniorage revenue and strengthen the financial system.

As the digital economy continues to expand, the Bank of England and the government should carefully consider the benefits and implications of a digital pound to harness its transformative potential for the UK.

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