How Google Translate Can Empower Tulu Language Preservation Campaigns?

How Google Translate Can Empower Tulu Language Preservation Campaigns?

Google Translate Embraces Tulu Language, Empowering Preservation

Google Expands Translation Horizons

In a significant stride, Google has added 110 new languages to its Translate service, bringing the total supported languages to an impressive 243. Among these new additions is Tulu, a prominent Dravidian language spoken by approximately 2.5 million in Karnataka, India.

Preserving Tulu Through Technology

The inclusion of Tulu in Google Translate is a boon for its preservation. When a language gains recognition on major tech platforms, it enhances its visibility and usage. Tulu linguists believe that Google’s embrace of Tulu will encourage younger generations to engage with and learn the language.

Advocating for Official Status

The addition of Tulu to Google Translate reinforces the demand for its inclusion in the Indian constitution’s Eighth Schedule and recognition as an official language of Karnataka. The Tulu-speaking community has long campaigned for these recognitions.

Tulu in Kannada Script

While Tulu is now accessible on Google Translate, it is currently available only in Kannada script. Tulu linguists argue that the language possesses its own distinctive script, known as “Tulu script,” and advocate for its use in Google Translate.

User-friendly Translation

Utilizing Google Translate is effortless. Access the website or download the app, select the source and target languages, and input your text. Google Translate will promptly translate your words.


The integration of Tulu into Google Translate has been met with enthusiasm by Tulu speakers and linguists. This development not only enhances the language’s preservation but also invigorates the campaign for its constitutional and official recognition. Google’s commitment to language preservation through technology is a testament to the company’s dedication to fostering linguistic diversity and empowering communities worldwide.

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