How can WA government reduce knife violence in public places?

How can WA government reduce knife violence in public places?

WA to Introduce Country’s ‘Toughest Knife Laws’

The WA government is set to introduce a suite of new knife laws that will give police sweeping powers to search people for knives in public places. The laws are inspired by Queensland’s “Jack’s Law”, which was introduced in 2019 and has been credited with reducing knife crime in that state.

Key Features of the New Laws

  • Police will be able to stop and search people in any public place, without reasonable suspicion.
  • Searches will be conducted using hand-held metal detectors.
  • People found to be carrying knives will face fines of up to $5000 or imprisonment for up to 12 months.
  • The laws will also create a new offense of carrying a knife in a public place without a reasonable excuse.

Rationale for the New Laws

The WA government says the new laws are necessary to reduce knife violence in the state. Knife crime has been on the rise in WA in recent years, with a 10% increase in the number of knife-related assaults in the past year.

“We know that knives are the most commonly used weapon in homicides and assaults in WA,” said WA Police Minister Paul Papalia. “These new laws will give police the tools they need to keep our community safe.”

Criticism of the New Laws

The new laws have been criticized by some civil liberties groups, who argue that they give police too much power and will lead to racial profiling.

“These laws are a draconian overreach that will disproportionately target young people and people of color,” said WA Council for Civil Liberties president John Halden.

Government Response to Criticism

The WA government has defended the new laws, saying that they are necessary to protect the public from knife violence.

“We understand that these laws may be seen as controversial, but we believe that they are necessary to keep our community safe,” Papalia said.


The WA government’s new knife laws are a controversial but well-intentioned attempt to reduce knife violence in the state. Only time will tell whether the laws will be effective in achieving their goal.

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