What are Nokias expected net comparable operating profit synergies by 2027 from the acquisition of Infinera?

Nokia’s Acquisition of Infinera: A Strategic Move to Boost Optical Business

New Delhi, December 21, 2024

Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications giant, has announced its acquisition of Infinera, a leading provider of optical networking solutions. This multi-billion dollar deal marks a significant move for Nokia as it seeks to enhance its optical offerings, particularly in the North American market.

Expected Synergies and Financial Impact

Nokia anticipates a substantial financial and operational impact from this acquisition. The company expects to achieve approximately 200 million euros in net comparable operating profit synergies by 2027. This significant profit increase will accelerate Nokia’s goal of achieving a double-digit operating margin in its Optical Networks business.

Strategic Significance

The acquisition of Infinera strategically aligns with Nokia’s overall business objectives. The combined companies will possess complementary customer bases, geographic reach, and technological capabilities. This synergy will create opportunities for growth across all target customer segments and improve Nokia’s overall operating margin.

Expansion of Product Portfolio and Market Reach

Infinera’s expertise in optical semiconductors and open optical networking solutions will strengthen Nokia’s optical pillar. The combined company will offer a comprehensive suite of optical solutions, enhancing Nokia’s competitiveness in the rapidly growing optical networking market.

Enhanced Technology and Market Leadership

The acquisition will allow Nokia to capitalize on Infinera’s vertically integrated optical semiconductor technologies. This integration will provide Nokia with greater control over critical components in its optical offerings, enabling the company to deliver innovative solutions to its customers.

Positive Impact on Shareholders

Nokia is confident that the acquisition of Infinera will generate significant value for shareholders. The company expects over 10% comparable earnings per share accretion, demonstrating the financial merit of this strategic move.

Executive Statements

Pekka Lundmark, President and CEO of Nokia, expressed optimism about the acquisition’s potential. “We believe this will create significant value for shareholders,” he said.

Federico Guillén, President of Network Infrastructure at Nokia, highlighted the benefits for the company’s optical business. “This acquisition will further strengthen the optical pillar of our business and expand our growth opportunities across all our target customer segments,” he stated.

David Heard, CEO of Infinera, echoed the positive sentiment. “Our stakeholders will have the opportunity to participate in the upside of a global leader in optical networking solutions,” he said.

Regulatory Approvals and Closing Timeline

The acquisition has been approved by the boards of both companies and is subject to regulatory approvals and shareholder votes. Nokia anticipates closing the deal during the first half of 2025.


Nokia’s acquisition of Infinera is a strategic move that aims to enhance the company’s optical business, drive financial growth, and strengthen its market position. With the expected synergies and expanded product portfolio, this acquisition is poised to benefit shareholders and position Nokia as a leading provider of optical networking solutions.

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