Former All-American Will Hernandez Encourages Values Beyond Football at Youth Camp in El Paso


Will Hernandez Imparts Life Lessons at Youth Football Camp

El Paso, TX – Former All-American guard Will Hernandez returned to his hometown to lead a free football camp for aspiring young athletes. The camp, named "Mijo Things Football Camp," welcomed close to 200 children aged 8-13 at Hanks High School.

Beyond Gridiron Skills

While Hernandez shared his football expertise, his camp focused on instilling values that transcended the sport. He emphasized the importance of hard work and striving for goals both on and off the field.

“Something that’s very important to me is knowing I have something to work for,” Hernandez said. “That’s what makes competition great, that’s what makes our country great.”

Brotherhood and Support

The term "Mijo" holds a special meaning for Hernandez, representing a close-knit group of brothers. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and supporting one another on and off the field.

“Everybody has friends, but only a few guys have Mijos,” Hernandez said. “That’s your tight-knit group, guys you really bond with.”

Embracing Local Culture

Hernandez, who played for UTEP, expressed his deep connection to El Paso and its unique culture, which he embraced during his time here.

“I learned how to eat Chico’s Tacos the right way, I learned the culture of El Paso, Texas,” Hernandez said. “It’s its own little sauce, its own little swag and I feel like I adapted to it.”

Role Model Impact

Hernandez’s presence had a profound impact on the young campers, who looked up to him as a role model.

  • “Elijah Friesen, a 13-year-old said, “You have to always be there for your teammates no matter what.”
  • Sander Mendez, 10, added, “I loved it. It was great meeting Will Hernandez.”

Inspiring Local Youth

Hernandez sees the camp as an opportunity to inspire and make a positive impact on the lives of El Paso’s youth.

“El Paso has a lot of energy, the tools. There is a lot of potential here. If we can get it channeled the right way, on the right track, you’ll start to see El Paso football go up.”

Hernandez’s Legacy

Through his camp and his dedication to the community, Will Hernandez is leaving a lasting legacy in El Paso, fostering a love for the game and inspiring young athletes to strive for greatness on and off the field.


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