Where Can Aussies Find the New ‘Secret’ Wavy Fries at McDonald’s in Australia?

Where Can Aussies Find the New 'Secret' Wavy Fries at McDonald's in Australia?

New ‘Secret’ Wavy Fries Land on the McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s Australia is currently testing wavy fries at select restaurants across New South Wales. The new menu item has been spotted at locations in Penrith, St Ives, Northmead, and Mount Colah, according to social media users.

What are Wavy Fries?

Wavy fries are a hybrid between potato wedges and waffle fries. They are thinner than potato wedges and have a wavy shape, similar to waffle fries.

Where Can I Find Wavy Fries?

Currently, wavy fries are only available at select McDonald’s restaurants in New South Wales. A full list of participating restaurants has not been released, but the company has confirmed that they are trialing the new menu item.

What Do Wavy Fries Taste Like?

According to TikTok creator @dessertaddictsanonymous, wavy fries have a seasoning on them and taste like thinner potato wedges. Other social media users have described them as being similar to waffle fries but with a more crispy texture.

When Will Wavy Fries Be Available Nationwide?

McDonald’s has not yet announced a nationwide release date for wavy fries. The company is currently gathering feedback from customers and will likely make a decision based on the results of the trial.

Additional Notes:

  • The wavy fries are being served in a large size only.
  • Some customers have reported that the wavy fries are only half full when ordered in the large size.
  • If you are interested in trying wavy fries, you can check with your local McDonald’s restaurant to see if they are participating in the trial.

Let us know if you have spotted the new wavy fries in your area!

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