What are the key features of Pawp for Walmart+ members according to the article?

What are the key features of Pawp for Walmart+ members according to the article?

Walmart+ and Pawp Team Up to Unleash 24/7 Pet Telehealth Benefit

Pawp’s Key Features for Walmart+ Members

Walmart+ is expanding its services to include pet telehealth with Pawp, a leading platform for digital pet care. This exclusive benefit offers Walmart+ members round-the-clock access to veterinary professionals for expert advice and guidance. Pawp’s services are designed to enhance pet care convenience and affordability.

Free Service for Members

Pawp is integrated into the Walmart+ membership suite as a complimentary pet telehealth service. This eliminates the need for a separate Pawp membership, saving members $99 annually.

Expert Veterinary Team

Pawp employs a team of veterinary professionals, including veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians, each with a minimum of five years of experience in clinical practice. This ensures that members have access to reliable and qualified advice.

24/7 Veterinary Access

Members can connect with licensed veterinary professionals via text or video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlimited on-demand virtual visits provide members with peace of mind, knowing that professional pet care is accessible anytime they need it.

Personalized Care Plans

After each virtual visit, members receive personalized care plans with detailed recommendations for their pet’s health and well-being. These plans may include product recommendations to support their pet’s needs.

Enhanced Convenience

Pawp’s virtual platform offers convenience and flexibility for pet owners. Members can access veterinary advice from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for time-consuming in-person appointments.

Pet Health Coverage

Pawp’s services complement Walmart’s comprehensive pet care offerings, which include automatic deliveries of frequently purchased pet products, an online pet pharmacy, and a wide selection of pet products at affordable prices.

“Our focus has always been on evolving Walmart+ in a way that puts our members first,” said Venessa Yates, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Walmart+. “This new benefit illustrates our continued evolution, as we strive to provide seamless, time-saving, and affordable solutions tailored to our members’ needs.”

Walmart+’s partnership with Pawp is a significant addition to its membership program, offering pet-owning members exclusive access to expert veterinary care at no additional cost. This move underscores Walmart’s commitment to providing value and convenience to its customers in all aspects of their lives, including the well-being of their furry companions.
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