Breaking the Digital Spell: Embracing the Beauty of Creation and Unplugging for Transformation

By Mehek Jun 21, 2024 #screen time
Breaking the Digital Spell

How to Counteract the Dissociating Effects of Screens

In this digital age, we spend countless hours in front of screens, constantly gazing at ourselves through Zoom calls, profile pictures, and social media posts. This constant self-exposure has led to an increased focus on our appearance, making us more self-obsessed and critical.

The Dissociating Impact of Screens

Smartphones, with their ever-present selfie cameras, have exacerbated this issue. By framing our bodies and faces on screen, they have taught us to perceive them as separate from our true selves. We see them as objects to be scrutinized, modified, and altered without consequences to our inner being.

This dissociation is particularly evident in younger generations, where the rise of smartphones and social media has coincided with a sharp increase in body image issues and gender dysphoria. Older generations, too, have been affected. The constant video conferencing in Zoom has led to a phenomenon known as “Zoom dysmorphia,” contributing to the surge in cosmetic procedures among Baby Boomers.

Breaking the Digital Spell

To counteract the dissociating effects of screens, we need more than just theoretical knowledge. The Bible offers practical wisdom.

The Biblical Perspective on our Bodies

Scripture teaches that our bodies are not separate from our identity. God created us in His image, both physically and spiritually. Our bodies are not mere accessories but gifts from God, to be cared for and used wisely.

The Power of Creation

To break free from the dissociating effects of screens, we need to marvel at the beauty of God’s creation. We need to spend time in nature, observing the intricate design of ants or the graceful flight of birds. By embracing the real world around us, we reconnect with our physical selves and appreciate the wonder of our bodies.

Unplugging for Transformation

Unplugging from screens allows us to do just that. While digital communication is essential for certain aspects of life, endless scrolling through social media is not. When we “unplug,” we engage in a kind of re-formation, a renewal of our hearts and minds. We escape the digital realm and reconnect with the tangible world, finding truth and purpose in our Creator.


In a world that constantly exposes us to our own reflections, it’s crucial to remember that our bodies are not separate from ourselves. By embracing the beauty of creation and unplugging from screens, we can break the dissociating spell and rediscover the wholeness and purpose of our embodied existence.

By Mehek

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