What was used to start the fires in the Italian restaurants in Melbourne?

What was used to start the fires in the Italian restaurants in Melbourne?

**Arson Attacks Plague Italian Restaurants in Melbourne**

Police are frantically searching for perpetrators after two Italian restaurants in Melbourne’s northwestern suburbs went up in flames within minutes of each other. Security footage captured at La Porchetta in Taylors Lakes shows a suspicious dark sedan pulling up to the establishment at approximately 2:30 am on Wednesday.

**Accelerant Used to Ignite Fires**

Detective Senior Constable Rhiannon Downs reported that two individuals exited the vehicle carrying an object resembling a jerrycan. They allegedly poured an accelerant over the restaurant’s facade and ignited it before fleeing the scene. The blaze spread rapidly, engulfing the building and leaving it severely charred.

**Second Fire at Negroni 888**

Minutes later, another fire erupted at Negroni 888 on Mount Alexander Road in Essendon. While firefighters contained the blaze to a limited area, preventing it from reaching a nearby car wash, the restaurant sustained significant damage.

**Investigation Underway**

Constable Downs stated that it was “too premature to determine” whether the fires were linked or intentional. She emphasized that businesses do not spontaneously ignite, highlighting the necessity of investigating the motives behind these attacks. No individuals were present at either restaurant during the incidents.

**Family-Owned Restaurant Devastated**

The fire at La Porchetta has had a profound impact on its family owners, as expressed by Constable Downs. “The emotional toll on this family and the community far exceeds any financial loss. This behavior is deplorable,” she stated.

**Possible Connection to Arson Ring**

While the investigation continues, police are exploring a possible connection to a string of over 40 arson attacks linked to illicit tobacco dealings. Constable Downs stressed the ongoing investigation to establish the motivations behind these incidents.

The fires have left the communities of Taylors Lakes and Essendon in shock and concern. Businesses and residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. Anyone with information or footage related to the fires is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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